Gre detachable steel swimming pools. Set it up on your own. It’s so easy!

These days having a swimming pool in our garden doesn’t have to be an outstanding case. The variety of sizes of a Gre steel pools allows to place them in any area of the garden. Besides the set-up of the swimming pools is so easy you could even do it with your kids as a family activity. On top, they are so stunning that they will dress up, complement and make you enjoy more your garden.


The detachable steel swimming pool

Actually, the Gre steel detachable pools are the ones that provide more facilities over the assembling process. Gre offers over more than 80 different designs where we will choose the shape, length, height and the external wall look of the pool.


Gre detachable steel pools can be oval-shaped or round-shaped. The oval-shaped Gre detachable steel pools can size up from 10 meters of length sizing down to 5 meters. In the case of the round-shaped Gre detachable steel pool it’s diameter can vary from 5.5 to 2.4 meters.


Height can also be chosen over the detachable pools. The detachable steel pools walls are patterned after an imitation of wood, granite or stone which are offered from 135 centimeters and 120 centimeters of height. While the white Gre detachable steel pools offers the possibility of 135, 120 or  90 centimeters height. Considering the use and the number of people that are going to swim, our interest will differ from one height of the pool to the other.


Lastly, we will be able to choose the color of the external imitation pattern from our detachable steel pool. Gre steel pools are offered with an imitation pattern of wood, granite, stone and in color white. The new and really demanded Fusion Pools are also steel pools but with rattan appearance, this makes the pools more visual and blended in the garden.


The detachable steel pools are the number one selling product from Gre. A result of the long durability given by galvanized steel sheet in addition to its easy setup. No need to work on site nor construction permits. The setup is possible just with the common tools of a home with a garden.



gre detachable steel pool woodlike


Granada round-shaped Gre stainless pool latticelike


Gre steel Fusion Pool



Also, thanks to the durability of the detachable stainless steel pools we can leave them set up all year. In case of not using the pool in winter, is necessary proper maintenance of the water in winter. There are many accessories that will allow us to keep control of the water in winter.


Our recommendation is to enjoy the swimming pool beyond summer. Therefore, Gre detachable steel pool can include a heat pump climate system, that will allow for you to enjoy your swimming pool as a SPA.


How to set-up the Gre detachable steel pool

In order to choose correctly a detachable steel pool for your garden, you must keep in mind the space you own, so as how much people will make use of the pool. You’ll have to save up an area of perimeter surrounding the detachable pool to make easier not only the access but the cleaning of the swimming pool.


You can check out our different options in our pool setup manager  that will guide you step by step according to your necessities.


Keep in mind that it must be placed away from pipes or electric cable conduit and, must be placed next to a water faucet and a drain. If possible set it up it the sunniest place!


Once you have picked out your favorite Gre detachable steel pool, such as it’s placement, you have to think over the piece of land where it will get installed. I mustn’t have uneven areas nor chunks that stand out from the ground since they could damage the pools structure, like root or rocks.


We will clean the area deepening a bit on the ground. Sifted soil will be used too even out and protect the perimeter of the pool. It’s advisable to firm down the soil to secure the pools. Also, it’s possible to install the detachable pools over a cement base previously prepared.


As soon as the area is ready we must mark on the ground the diameter of the pool (1). Measurements vary according to the shape, oval or round, from the detachable pool. You can find more information on our web page.


prepare ground for Gre stainless steel detachable wall pool
Photo 1: marks in the ground for the set-up of the oval-shaped pool.


Once we got all the diameter of the pool, oval-shaped or round shaped, will place the base lower cross sections (3) over the marks on the ground, fitting them together to get the shape ofthe swimming pool.


For the oval-shaped detachable pools with pole support, cross section must be placed into there matching metallic piece (2). Repeat until obtaining all the perimeter.


pole support installation for Gre oval-shaped steel pools

Gre oval-shaped pool base lower sheets placement


It’s time to fit in the steel sheet into the dent of the cross sections, following the oval shape or round shape of our detachable pool.


Once after all the steel sheets are placed, they must get put together within the screw set that comes along and places the fitting lid and caps. In this last step will need a screwdriver and a wrench.


Now is time to place the PVC liner in the lowest area of the detachable pool. The liner can be blue or Gresite imitation. The liner will hold on by the top cross section that borders the perimeter of the oval shape or round shape of the pool we have picked.


It’s important that the liner is placed correctly avoiding wrinkles that can be unconformable when we bathe.


When the liner is extended and secured, place the caps and security units into the detachable pools. The color of the caps from the detachable pool is an imitation of the steel sheet of the Gre pools: brown, for the wooden imitation; grey for the imitation of granite or rock, the whole combination will be harmonized.


At last, will cut the liner of the swimming pool through the cast areas of the steel sheet in order to place the skimmer, water exit, and the hoses.


Perksof Gre detachable steel pools

There is a false belief that the detachable steel pools can suffer rusting when in contact with water. However, the truth is that Gre detachable steel pools are made out of galvanized steel sheets laminated in cold, with a preventative treatment and priming paint that prevent entirely rust.


There is proof that the Gre detachable steel pools can last from three to four times more than the PVC pools. That’s why they are one of the top products from Gre.


All Gre detachable steel pools come equipped with a sand filter system as well as the required sand. The filter system may vary based on designs the swimming pool since they are specific filter systems for the m3  of each swimming pool.


Gre detachable steel pools also include a  set of the skimmer to protect the pool filter, the hose connections and accessories like security ladder and a tapestry to protect the liner of the detachable pool from the floor.


At Gre site, you can check all the products and accessories for the  swimming pool and garden, such as the latest technology to know the water quality all time.


If you still have any questions in this video you’ll be able to see in detail all the steps to follow in order to set the Gre detachable steel pool by yourself.


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