How to heat your swimming pool in preparation for autumn?

Summer is drawing to a close, a new stage, a “beginning” of the new year. For many people, September is the month of beginnings, of purposes, of new challenges. This year, so atypical and complicated, we must search for the best moments to enjoy the little things that life offers us. 

Even though summer is ending, you can continue making fun plans using all security measures available. In this post we are going to focus on aquatic activities, on those performed in the pool. And one thing is clear, although it’s cold, the pool can still be used considering a series of recommendations to enjoy some good dips in the pool in autumn. Therefore, we will let you know how to heat your pool in preparation for autumn and enjoy even more sunny days with your pool water at a nice, warm temperature.


How to heat your pool in autumn?

To heat your pool in autumn, it is essential to follow a series of steps that will help you enjoy days of dips and aquatic exercise for a prolonged period of time.

In addition, the weather is always unpredictable, consequently, to choose a few tricks to change the water temperature is a perfect option for the whole family. 


Among the more practical tips to heat your pool are: 

1. The first thing is to buy a swimming pool heat pump. It’s the perfect solution to maintain water at an agreeable temperature for swimming. There are various types of swimming pool heat pumps. On the one hand is the mini heat pump, which is the perfect design for all pools. They are economical and efficient pumps that can be installed with ease and don’t need a previous by-pass installation. On the other hand, they are the heat pumps that are the most effective and also reasonably priced. The system functions by taking in outside air and transforming it into heat energy.

Solar heating is another one of the pioneer systems to heat water for a swimming pool. It consists of heaters that function as solar panels that are perfect for heating portable swimming pools. In order to heat a pool, it is necessary to consider its measurements, since in the case of solar heating, it wouldn’t be sufficient for a large swimming pool.

2. Another thought in the case of above ground pools, it is not recommended to set up the pool directly on the ground, because when the temperature falls, the ground is the first place where the decrease in temperature is felt. It’s better to choose to incorporate a layer of insulation between the ground and the pool to help reach a higher temperature.

3. The place in which the pool will be set up must be studied beforehand. Avoid areas of shade, humid areas or those in which there is an overabundance of vegetation, since this contributes to water that is refreshing but gets dirty easily.

Heating your pool is something that is done in an easy manner and without much investment and will benefit everyone. Search GRE for everything necessary for the maintenance and care of your pool.

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