With the arrival of the good weather, we all start to think about the swimming season. However, the first few days in the pool can be uncomfortable if the water temperature is not ideal.  Luckily, with the new Gre Full Inverter heat pumps, you can enjoy a perfect temperature right from the start, even for the coldest people in the house.


Why choose Full Inverter heat pumps?

Sustainability and efficiency

They are the most sustainable and ecological solution for heating your pool. Although they require an initial investment, they are extremely efficient in the long term. These pumps use a thermodynamic system that captures air from outside and transfers it directly to the pool water, making up to 80% of the energy used come from the air, which considerably reduces the electricity bill.

Installation and use

To install a heat pump, you should do so once you have installed the filtration system. In addition, we always recommend the use of pool covers, which helps to save energy and be more sustainable.

Factors to consider before buying

Before purchasing a heat pump, consider the following factors:

  • Size of your pool: The size of the pool will determine the pump capacity required.
  • Filtration duration: Ensure that the filtration time is adequate to maintain efficiency.
  • Desired water temperature: Set the temperature you are comfortable with.
  • Altitude: Altitude can affect pump efficiency.
  • Wind exposure: Windy areas may require more power to maintain the desired temperature.

Connected technology

With the Fluidra Pool App, you can control your heat pump remotely from anywhere. The app allows you to monitor and adjust the water temperature, set alarms, and turn the pump on or off with a simple click on your smartphone.


Models adapted to your needs

Gre offers four new heat pump models, each equipped with a cover for winter protection.


Operating modes

Gre Full Inverter heat pumps have three operating modes.

Boost: to increase the temperature quickly.

Smart: for automatic power adjustment.

Ecosilence: with reduced power to save more energy and emit a lower noise level.


Additional benefits

Energy saving

Full Inverter technology automatically adjusts the pump speed according to the temperature, preventing the pump from running at 100% all the time. This not only saves energy, but also prolongs the lifetime of the equipment.

Low noise level

These pumps are extremely quiet and come with anti-vibration feet to further reduce any noise or vibration.

Extended bathing season

Thanks to these heat pumps, you can enjoy your pool for longer, even when the outside temperature drops to -7°C.

In short, the new Gre Full Inverter heat pumps not only provide an efficient and economical solution for heating your pool, but also allow you to enjoy comfortable swimming from the first day of the season.

Get ready to enjoy a perfectly heated pool with Full Inverter heat pumps!


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