How to Heat Pool Water: TIPS

Summer is leaving or perhaps summer is coming and we are already looking towards a new stage, a “beginning” of a new year. This year, so atypical and complicated, we must look for the good moments to enjoy the little things that life gives us.


Why heat up the water in the pool?

Even if the heat is not there, fun plans can still be made with all the safety measures. In this post we are going to focus on water activities, those carried out in the swimming pool. One thing is clear, even if it’s cold, the pool can still be used, taking into account a series of recommendations to enjoy a good swim in autumn. For this reason, we will tell you how to heat the pool and enjoy sunny days with the water at a good temperature.


How to heat the pool?

To heat the pool it is essential to follow a series of steps that will help you to enjoy long days of swimming and water exercise. In addition, the weather is always unpredictable, so opting for tricks to change the water temperature is a perfect option for the whole family.


Some of the most practical tips for heating the pool include:


The first thing to do is to buy a hot water pump. This is the perfect solution for keeping the water at a comfortable temperature for swimming. There are several types of heat pumps for swimming pools, on the one hand there is the mini heat pump and they are perfect designs for all pools. They are easy to install and do not require prior installation of a by-pass. They are economical and efficient pumps. On the other hand, there are the heating pumps that are very effective and also have a good price, the Standard pump and the Inverter pump. The system works by taking in outside air and transforming it into energy that is returned as heat. In these cases it would be necessary to install a by-pass.


On the other hand, solar heating is another pioneering system for heating pool water. These are heaters that work like solar panels and are perfect for heating portable pools. To heat the pool it is necessary to take into account the measurements, as in the case of solar heating, for a large pool it would not be enough.



Tips to keep your pool water warm

At Gre we always recommend when buying a heat pump, regardless of the model, to accompany it with an isothermal cover. This cover will maintain the temperature of the water, especially at night, when the temperature drops a lot. This will help the pump to be more efficient and therefore consume less energy.


cubierta de verano para piscina enterrada


Another idea, for above-ground pools it is not recommended to mount the pool directly on the floor, as when the temperature drops, the floor is the first area where the temperature will be noticed. It is better to choose to incorporate a layer of insulation to help the temperature rise.


The place where the pool will be built or assembled should be studied beforehand. Avoid shady areas, wetter areas or areas where there is a lot of vegetation, as this will help the water to cool down sooner and it will get dirty easily.


Heating the pool is something that will benefit all of you and that can be done easily and without much investment. Find everything you need for the maintenance and care of your pool at GRE.


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