How to save money on pool maintenance

Maintaining a pool can involve significant expenses, but there are ways to reduce costs without sacrificing water quality or the enjoyment of your pool. In this article, we’ll explore some options for saving money on pool maintenance without compromising on cleanliness and functionality.


Optimise chemical usage

Regularly check the pH level and other water parameters to avoid over-chlorination, wear and tear of the liner colour, damage to the pool structure or components. Be sure to follow the guidelines that come with each product to avoid adding more chemical than necessary. If in doubt, it is best to consult the manufacturer.



Install an efficient filtration system

The efficiency of the filtration system can make a difference in energy costs and the frequency of cleaning required. Consider installing a more energy efficient filtration system, such as variable speed pumps and high efficiency filters. Also, clean and replace filter elements regularly to maintain optimal performance and avoid unnecessary energy waste.


Use pool covers

Pool covers are an investment that can save you money in the long run. By covering your pool with a cover when not in use, you will reduce water evaporation and chemical consumption. In addition, covers can help maintain water temperature, reducing heating costs if you use a heating system.


Automate and schedule the cleaning system

Automated cleaning systems can help you save time and money on pool maintenance. Automated cleaning robots can efficiently clean the bottom and walls of the pool, reducing the need for manual cleaning and excessive use of chemicals. In addition, you can program the pump and filtration system to run at specific times and optimise energy consumption.



Perform preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance can help avoid costly problems in the future. Clean skimmers and equipment baskets regularly to ensure proper water flow and reduce the workload on the filtration system. Also inspect and repair any small problems before they become major, costly problems.


Controls the water level

Avoid wasting water by making sure the pool water level is properly balanced. Prevent leaks and water loss by quickly repairing any problems in the plumbing system, fittings and equipment.


Maintain regular cleaning

Perform basic cleaning tasks on a regular basis, such as removing leaves and debris from the water surface and keeping surrounding areas clean. This will help prevent the build-up of dirt and reduce the workload of the water treatment plant.


Take advantage of solar energy

If you have a heating system for your pool, consider using solar energy instead of electricity or gas. Solar pool heaters can be a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option in the long run.


Maintaining a pool does not have to be an overwhelming financial burden. By optimising chemical usage, installing efficient systems, using covers, automating cleaning and performing preventive maintenance, you can significantly reduce your pool maintenance costs. Remember, the key is planning, regular care and adopting smart practices to ensure that you enjoy your pool in an economical and sustainable way. With these practices, you will be able to enjoy your pool without financial worries, allowing you to relax and enjoy sunny days by the water.


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