Towards a sustainable future

Gre’s commitment to sustainable development

Sustainable development is more than just a trend; it is a fundamental commitment to the present and future of our planet. At Gre, we understand this commitment and integrate it into every aspect of our work. From the manufacture of our pools to our daily operations, we strive to lead in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Our contribution to the environment

At Gre, we don’t just talk about sustainability, we act accordingly! We have implemented an Environmental Management System that optimises resource and waste management, reducing negative environmental impacts. Beyond complying with regulations, we actively seek to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to the environment.

Towards a more sustainable pool

Our pools are designed with the future of the planet in mind. We work with suppliers committed to the environment, using recycled materials in their manufacture. In addition, our steels are 100% recyclable and emit fewer pollutants than other materials, guaranteeing a lower environmental impact.

In addition, our distribution network in Europe allows us to reduce our carbon footprint when transporting our products. But we don’t stop there. Our after-sales service offers original spare parts that ensure the longevity and proper functioning of our pools, extending their useful life and reducing the need for premature replacement.

Your contribution matters

Sustainability is not just about us. You can do your part too. Our filtration systems have the lowest consumption on the market, reducing the use of energy and water in your pool. In addition, the use of isothermal covers during the summer reduces water evaporation by up to 50%. When you are not using the pool, a winter cover can save up to 95% of your pool water. In addition, our heat pumps use air as an energy source, making them an efficient and environmentally friendly option.

At Gre, we believe in a sustainable future for all. Join us in our commitment to the environment and together let’s make the world a better place for generations to come.



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