Blue Connect, intelligent technology for swimming pools

Gre Blue Connect smart analyzer


How many times have you reminded yourself too late of throwing treatment products into the pool water? Have you bathed in the pool and then your eyes itch or your skin becomes too dry?


Avoid all these inconveniences with this smart analyzer for pools and spas Blue Connect of Gre. Analyze the water quality of the pool or spa thanks to its intelligent sensor and indicate which treatment product you should add to the water and in what quantity. Are you surprised? Well, there’s more.


With Blue Connect you will be able to know, in two daily readings, the temperature of the pool water, the pH, the concentration of disinfectant (chlorine, bromine, salt chlorinator) and the conductivity (salinity) of the water. Everything from your phone, without the need for manual tests and without wasting any of the product indicated for the treatment of swimming pool water. The Blue Connect application will tell you exactly the amount and type of product you must add to keep your pool water in perfect condition.


Blue Connect smart device in a pool


With a small size of 253mm x 96mm and a weight of 714g, the Blue Connect intelligent tester is suitable for all types of swimming pools, regardless of the shape or size of the pool.


Relax and enjoy a healthier bath in your pool. If there is any change in the pool water, Blue Connect will notify you by an alarm on your smartphone.


The intelligent device Blue Connect automatically sends data from the pool water to the Sigfox network, which analyzes them and informs us if there’s a need to add any water treatment product.

In order to connect to the Sigfox network, it will be necessary to have coverage in the area where you reside. You can check if you have coverage here.

If you do not have coverage, you can connect via Wi-Fi thanks to the Blue Extender


The Blue Connect application consists of four main sections:


  1. Board: Information about the Blue Connect status, water temperature, local climate and pool water quality.
  2. Value table: Accurate information about the values measured by the Blue Connect tester sensor, trends, ideal pool water values and measurement history.
  3. Maintenance guide: Advice on operations and treatment products for water, as well as to maintain the correct water quality in the pool.
  4. Settings: Allows you to configure the settings of your Blue Connect device, as well as access to help and technical support.

screenshoot of the Blue Connect application

How To Start Using Blue Connect

To start using the Blue Connect smart water analyzer tool for pools, you must download the App for your smartphone. You can download the App for:


The Blue Connect App is available in English, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.


After downloading the App, you’ll have to link the pool water tester with the mobile application following the steps. It will be necessary to scan the QR code of the Blue Connect device or insert the code that comes in the Blue Connect water tester for pools.


Once all the above is done, we just need to place the Blue Connect analyzer in the pool water and start measuring!


Advantages of the Blue Connect smart analyzer

Blue Connect smart device in a pool


Blue Connect is also designed in order to facilitate the automation of tasks. Therefore, it’s possible to use it and link it with more intelligent products or services. For example:


  • It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a smart personal assistant activated by voice and can inform you about the parameters of the pool water, as well as the necessary maintenance products. You just need to ask: ” Alexa, ask Blue Connect about the pH of the water”.


  • Works with IFTTT, a free website that facilitates the automation of daily tasks. This system connects web services and connected objects, such as Blue Connect, that don’t always speak the same language.


Other Blue Products for pools

The Blue range includes other pool products:


  • Blue Check: Analytical test strips for pool water. They can be connected with the free Blue Connect app. Enter the data manually and you’ll get a complete analysis and tips for maintenance of the pool water.


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