The Gre Blog 2.0

For this summer season we wanted to revamp The Gre Blog looks.


The old version was good, but we believed that there was still something to do to improve the readability of our articles without sacrificing any major design elements.


Even so, the old way of showing our content is still alive and will coexist with this new way of writing that is better suited for that kind of article with lots of images.


The new Gre Dream Pools have been the first ones to use this format.


Moreover, we have added two new categories!


If you browse our Safety section you will find all the educational articles we gathered as a support to preserve the integrity of the entire family this summer.


In the Leisure category, in the other hand, you will find all those writings that are far from the technicalities of the swimming pool world, and that deal with casual and relaxed topics in relation with water.



Foto de Tim Gouw
I’m leaving for home to read the Gre Blog



And, if you have non spanish speaking friends that you have always wanted to tell about this blog –maybe you are that person–, you can inform them that from now on we will be publishing content in english too.


Nothing more.


We hope you like the new looks on The Gre Blog. You can leave your opinion for us to read in the comments section or in any of our social network profiles.


Let’s win the summer!


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