History of the swimmingpools

Where does this word come from? What is the history of swimming pools? We are sure that at some point in your life you have asked yourself these questions, let’s find out!


Meaning of swimming pool

The term swimming pool comes from the Latin “Pisces”, yes like the zodiac sign, which means fish, hence also the origin of other words such as fish or fishing.


Origin of swimming pools

Originally this word was used to name pools for water fish, both freshwater and saltwater. In addition, it was also used to name water reservoirs connected to aqueducts.


As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that in those days, as purification plants had not yet been invented, what was done at that time was to use fish to clean the water.


However, it was not until years later that the first reservoirs began to be built in which water had to be filled. These places began to be called pools.


The Romans started to build pools, a place where you could swim and at the same time keep fish. It was at this time that the so-called thermal baths, which are nowadays used for meetings, became known.


Swimming pools today

Today, we consider a swimming pool as a place for bathing and sport, such as swimming. In addition, there are different types: above-ground, in-ground or semi-in-ground, natural or artificial pools, as well as different materials used for their manufacture.


Over time, different elements have been added to the pool to improve the swimming experience and help the owner to keep the pool in good condition.  These elements can be: ladders, to help you get into the water; a filtering machine, to filter the water; a skimmer, to help with the cleaning task; and of course, a vacuum, which, as its name suggests, cleans the bottom of the pool.


The swimming pool market is a market that is always innovating and improving, with the idea of always offering the best to the customer.


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