Cover the pool: when and how you should put the winter cover

Now that temperatures are dropping, it may be time to hibernate your pool. One of the most important thing to protecting your pool at this time is the winter cover.

When is the proper time to cover your pool?

There is not an specific rule to start hibernating your pool. The winter cover must be placed when the pool is ready and it will no longer be used during a long period of time.


The main reason is the drop in temperatures; when the sun is no hot enough and the water temperature drops a few degrees, you no longer feel like taking a bath. This is the moment when you can prepare the pool for winter.


Remember that, if you are planning to hibernate your pool, you should not add liquid chemical product for winter until temperatures drop below 15ºC.


However, since winter has not yet arrived, if you live in a warm area or have a heat pump, the bathroom may still be inviting.


If you continue to enjoy bathing, you only need to put on a summer cover at night to prevent the water from getting cold when the sun goes down.

What cover do I have to choose for my pool?

There are different types of pool covers, so you should be clear that for this time the normal is winter cover.


This cover is somewhat thicker so it offers great protection and prevents dirt from falling into the water, keeping the water free of residues.


The winter cover; unlike the summer one, it is prepared to be placed in the pool for a long period of time, so it has a hole in the centre for the water to breathe and thus prevent it from evaporating.


You must take into account the type of pool you have; In other words, if you have an in-ground pool, the cover will not be the same since the method of tying it is not the same.


Winter covers for above-ground pools have holes through which to pass a rope and tighten to prevent the cold or other elements from entering.


Keep in mind that you must buy the cover larger than the pool; In other words, if you have a round pool with a diameter of 350 cm, the ideal size of the cover should be about 440 cm in diameter.

Accessories for winter cover

When you put on the winter cover, it is normal that the centre tends to fall towards the water due to factors such as weight. To avoid this, it is necessary to place a floating element between the water and the winter cover. In this way, you will avoid that the cover is in direct contact with the water.


You can place elements such as our hibernation float or an inflatable ball. Depending on the size of the pool, you may need more than one float to avoid contact of the cover with the water at some point in the pool.



If you’re still not sure, here are 5 reasons to cover your pool in winter. Discover them!


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