How does a heat pump work in your pool?

Heat pump for pools is the best solution to extend your bathing season a few months. When the sun doesn’t heat as in summer, it is possible to increase the water temperature a few degrees.

Operation of a heat pump

There are different types of heat pumps to warm the water of the pool and even if they run in a different way, the result is always the same; increase the temperature.

Standard heat pumps

These kind of pumps are the most common ones. Heat pumps need to be outside because they need air to transform it into energy. This energy turns into heat and it warms the water that enters inside the heat pump in order to return hotter it to the pool.

Inverter heat pumps

Inverter heat pumps have a slightly different way of working. This heat pump also pick up the water of the pool and return it to the pool once it is hot.
The difference between those heat pumps is that the last one dose the used energy. A traditional heat pump work at 100%, what it means that the fan is constantly working to the maximum taking an outside air. However, the Inverter heat pump manage that energy; the fan doesn´t work every time at 100% but it work at the necessary power depending on the air.
It is important to know that to make heat pumps work, the outside temperature needs to be up to 7ºC.
It is also recommended to have a cover for the pool as an accessory, so when the heat pump is not working and the sun goes down, the warm of the water doesn’t get lost.

The installation of the heat pump

How can you install a heat pump? When you are going to install the pump in the pool, it is obligatory to read the instruction manual. At GRE we want to give you some tips to help you with the process.
Heat pumps install after the filtration system and some models like the standard or the inverter, need a by-pass kit to make the water flows. It is a kind of key that you can use it to open or close and allows the water to flow into the heat pump.
If you don´t want to install a by-pass, the best option is to buy a mini heat pump. These products don´t need any installation and they are perfect to small or medium pools.

What kind of heat pump do I need to choose for my pool?

We have already seen three different type of heat pumps, each one with its characteristics, but all of them heat the water.

  • Standard heat pump: it is needed a by-pass installation and it works at 100% of energy all time.
  • Inverter heat pump: it requires a by-pass installation and it doses the energy to use it only when it is needed.
  • Mini heat pump: a by-pass installation is no needed and it is perfect for small and medium pools.

All these heat pumps have at the same time different models depending on the maximum power. To choose the perfect model it is very important to take some issues into account.

The pool

One of the most important issue is the pool size. You have to know the size of your pool and the water volume, because it is not the same to heat 10m3 or 30m3. The bigger the pool is, the more days it will take to heat all the water.

The location

The region and the climate where we want to install the heat pump, are also important. If you live in a place where the temperatures are low, you will need more power for warm the water of the pool and also more days.
A standard climate could be about 15ºC being cold climate lower than those degrees and hot climate if it is higher.

The meteorology

The wind can affect energy of the heat pump because it is outside and depending on the wind, the fan will work better. Normally the wind is neutral, about 3m/s, but if you live in a place where the wind blows heavily, you might consider it to buy one kind of heat pump or another.
In this las example, the Inverter heat pump can be the most appropriate one because the wind will help to the fan in a natural way.

You can now take a bath without freezing!


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