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If you have a pool (round, oval, rectangular or square, above or in ground) in the garden of your house and have not yet performed its correct wintering, now is the time before the temperatures continue to drop.


In a previous post, we recommended not to empty the pool for the cold months of the year for several reasons: for water savings, for environmental reasons and for the structure of the pool.


This time, we will talk about winter covers for removable pools, one of the essential accessories to protect the pool when temperatures drop until the next warm season.


Winter covers for above ground or in ground swimming pools have several advantages: mainly to prevent dirt, to reduce cleaning and to provide safety.


Covering the pool with a cover avoids having to keep an eye on the pool during winter. A winter cover is one of the necessary accessories to protect the pool from dirt such as leaves, dust or insects, in this way we can forget to pass the pool cleaner continuously; and keep the water without decomposing material, so it can help to be reused once the sunny months arrive.


Before covering the pool, it is very important to perform a correct wintering process: clean the pool with a vacuum, if you have one, reduce the water level below the skimmer and empty the skimmer, collect all the external accessories of the pool and, finally, pour a specific chemical into the water to keep it clean during the winter and facilitate cleaning after winter.


The maintenance of swimming pool in winter can be done in a simple way thanks to a good wintering process, chemical products and accessories such as a winter cover.  You’ll find all the supplies and help you need in any Gre shop near you.


The winter covers usually come in dark colours to provide a great opacity, blocking the sunlight to reach the water and alter its chemistry. By not letting the outside light pass the development of algae, bacteria and other organisms in the pool that deteriorate the water is avoided.


By installing a pool cover, you get money and time savings. By not emptying the pool and doing a good wintering process, you will facilitate its preparation once the swimming season returns.


Winter covers for swimming pools, like summer covers, also prevent evaporation. In addition, they reduce the effects of frost and offer safety, since they prevent possible accidents in the pool.


In short, we can summarise the advantages of winter covers as:

  • Savings: the pool cover covers the surface of the pool. The cover prevents the pool water from evaporating, so it can be reused when the heat comes again, preventing its emptying or the use of many chemicals. Therefore, it means saving money and water.
  • Cleaning: covering the pool reduces maintenance. The dirt of leaves, branches or insects in the pool is avoided, and its high opacity prevents the proliferation of bacteria, algae or any microorganism from the decomposition process.
  • Safety: covering the pool prevents possible accidents. You can suffer falls in the water, especially in the case of children and pets. With a cover for swimming pool possible accidents in the water are prevented.


Gre has a wide range of winter covers for removable pools, adaptable to different types of pools: steel, wood, composite, inflatable or tubular or shapes: oval, square, rectangular, or round.  We have covers for above ground and in ground pools.



The thickness of a cover varies from 100 g/m2 to 580 g/m2, depending on the type and model of the pool.


Winter pool covers from Gre include an evacuation system, or drainage holes, to prevent water pockets from rain. In order to achieve a better adaptation and a good adjustment of the cover to the structure of the pool, the cover includes a plasticised steel cable and an adjustable tensioner, in addition to all the necessary accessories and supplies for its fixation to the pool.


Winter covers and summer covers are made of polyethylene, a very resistant material that guarantees its durability against impacts and has a very low thermal conductivity.


The covers are one of the essential accessories to protect the outdoor pool, throughout cold and hot months, they also help minimise cleaning tasks, conserve water temperature and prevent evaporation.


A cover extends the durability of the pool and allows keeping the water in good conditions, no matter than your swimming pool is above the ground or in the ground.


The main difference between both types of covers for pools, summer or winter, is their function. The covers for summer are isothermal and maintain the temperature of the pool when it is not used. Winter covers facilitate proper wintering, protect the pool from ice, prevent dirt and offer safety before possible falls.


If you want to buy a winter pool cover or any other supplies or pool products, visit our website to find your nearest shop or buy it in our online shop.


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  1. Ola tenemos una piscina de compositor gre de 3×6 y queriamo saber el precio de una cubierta de invierno .graciss

  2. Buenos días Noelia, no tenemos ninguna piscina de composite con esas medidas exactas. Sí que tenemos varios modelos con más de 6 metros de largo y 3 de ancho. Necesitaría saber el modelo en concreto para poder indicarle cuál es la cubierta que le corresponde a su piscina. Un saludo.


    hola, tengo una piscina gree, de 3.50 x 3.50 . es hexagonal… me gustaria saber el precio de la cubierta de hinverno

  4. Hola Maria Antonia,
    Si tu piscina tiene 350 cm de diámetro, la cubierta de invierno apropiada es la siguiente:

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