Advantages of using swimming pool covers

The summer pool covers ease up the cleaning and the maintenance of the water, but they always have other advantages which we’ll over in this article.


There is a large variety of covers for removable pools that adapt to all shapes and sizes of pools (pools made out of wood, steel or composite, in-ground or above-ground) and that are made with materials that protect the pool and increase the safety, by limiting the access to the water of the swimming pool.


The covers allow us to enjoy the pool throughout the whole year in an easy manner and they simplify the maintenance saving us time and energy by maintaining the water at a comfortable temperature.


The summer pool covers, just like the winter ones, are made out of polyethylene, a very high-quality material that is impact-resistant and maintains the temperature. Besides, the material out of which the covers for swimming pools Gre have a special anti-UVA treatment for a better durability and resistance to the damage due to the solar exposition and the passage of time.


Pool Cover or Isothermal Cover for the Summer


Yes, there are also pool covers for the summer. The cover for the summer, also known as isothermal cover, allows us to enjoy a water temperature comfortable all day long. The summer pool covers are used when the pool is not in use, and during the nights, and maintain the water temperature stable throughout the day thanks to the bubbles in the material acting as a thermal insulator. During the day, however, allow the sun rays to warm up the water of the swimming pool directly, when you don’t need the safety protection.


The summer pool covers also facilitate the maintenance by protecting the water of the pool from the fall of all types of dirt, leaves, powder, insects and so on. It’s also a safety accessory, preventing any accidental falls in the swimming pool.


A summer swimming pool cover, in addition to reduce your energy costs, also reduces your costs in terms of chemical products required to maintain your water in optimal conditions. On top of that, it reduces the water evaporation and eases up the pool cleaning task because the dirt and residues are on the cover, not in the water, making them much easier to remove.


The summer swimming pool covers from Gre go from 180 to 400 microns of thickness, ensuring the maximum quality of coverage for all types of needs.


The summer covers are easy to put on and remove from the pool. They are positioned over the flotation line with the bubbles side in contact with the water. Even if the manipulation of the pool cover is easy, we can always make it even easier by using a reel system to roll in the cover.


The reel system for pool covers greatly simplifies the removal of the isothermal cover from the pool and also protects the cover for a better durability as it is stretched and better rolled than if it was manually folded, preventing hard folds and tears.


The reel systems from Gre can adapt to various widths of pools, and they are available both for in-ground and above-ground pools. They have a rotating wheel that allows you to roll up the pool cover in an easy and convenient way. Even better, we have movable reel systems that allow you to move away the reel system and the cover out of the vicinity of the pool, allowing you to fully enjoy the area surrounding your pool.


cubierta en piscina enterrada


Pool cover or protective cover for winter


The winter cover for removable swimming pools is the essential swimming pool accessory for a correct winterisation of your pool, both for practical and safety aspects.


The winter cover protects the swimming pool as well as the water in it during the cold months and reduces the cleaning needs when opening time comes, because it prevents dirt in the pool, as well as leaves and insects, of course.


The winter pool covers have a great opacity, to block all the solar light, preventing the growth of algae and bacteria that would deteriorate the quality of the water of the pool.


In winter, we generally forget the pool cleaning duties and we neglect the swimming pool. Covering the pool with this type of cover, especially designed for that purpose, prevents a great deterioration of the water, which simplifies the preparation of the pool for its next season opening.


The winter cover also protects the pool from the ice when it freezes down, what could damage the liner and maintains the temperature of the water higher, as well as offering a safety protection against falls in the swimming pool.


The thickness of the winter covers varies between 100 g/m2 to 580 g/m2, depending on the model of the removable pool.


All the winter pool covers from Gre include drainage holes or evacuation system to avoid water bags from rain, in addition to all the elements necessary for the correct fixing of the cover in the pool: elastic cord, hooks, plasticized steel cable, and so on.


cubierta para piscinas de composite


During the cold months, as well as the warmer ones, the covers are indispensable elements to protect and coddle your swimming pool, reduce the cleaning process and maintain the water temperature, extending the durability of the pool and the quality of the water.


This year, don’t hesitate more and coddle your swimming pool made out of wood, steel or composite, with a cover designed just for it.


  1. Hola, ¿se puede realizar el filtrado de la piscina con la cubierta de verano puesta?

  2. Hola Luis,

    Sí, no hay ningún problema en realizar el filtrado con la cubierta puesta, no afecta al agua.

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