Heat pumps for the swimming pools: the mini heat pumps from Gre

We’re in the middle of the summer and the swimming pools are our best ally to escape from the heat and enjoy a moment of relaxation.


The temperature of the pool water is very important for our well-being, just as the quality of the water in the pool is also essential for our health. A very high temperature of the pool water favours the apparition of algae, it also causes imbalances in the pH of the water due to the evaporation of water and chlorine from the pool, with all the consequences that this entails for our pool and our health.


As we have mentioned many times in Gre’s blog, regular pool maintenance is necessary. For this, pool cleaners can be of great help, just as the treatment of pool water with chemical products intended for this purpose.


To maintain the perfect temperature in the pool, the heat pump is one of the most economical and versatile alternatives for water heating in the pools. Gre’s mini heat pump is designed for above-ground pools of up to 20 m3 and 30 m3.


This heat pump system uses outside air to heat the pool water. The heat pump transforms the air into energy, generating heat. The mini heat pump is the perfect substitute for electric heater systems to heat the pool water.


The pool heat pump will heat and keep the temperature of the pool water constant when the ambient air temperature is between 12 C and 42 C.


A heat pump allows us to enjoy the pool water at a warm temperature during shoulder months, when the air is colder, extending the bathing season for a few more months, right in the comfort of our home.


These pool pumps make it easy to maintain the ideal water temperature, between 25 C and 28 C, so that the pool is perfect for bathing, but you can also set the water temperature from 10ºC to 42ºC.


To maintain this level of temperature at night,when the air is colder, it is necessary to use a pool cover. In addition to maintaining the temperature, a pool cover will also prevent the pool to get dirty.


At Gre, our heat pumps follow the installation standard C 15–100 which specifies that all electrical equipment located less than 3.5 m from the pool and freely accessible, must be supplied with a very low voltage (12 V). Every 220 V-powered device must be located at least 3.5 m from the edge of the pool.



Different types of mini heat pumps for Gre Pools

This season, Gre has a new mini heat pump model. This heat pump is specially designed to heat pools with small volumes of water up to 20 m3 and 30 m3. They are pumps suitable for any type of removable pools: steel pools, wooden pools, composite pools, tubular and even inflatable pools.


Unlike the traditional heat pump, the mini heat pump does not need a pre-installed by-pass. This pump is installed in the pool’s own filtration circuit.


Gre’s mini heat pump allows you to increase the pool’s water temperature quickly and efficiently.


Another advantage of Gre’s mini heat pump is its quick and easy installation. The mini heat pump is a Plug & Play product. Contrary to other systems, it is installed directly in the filtration system of the pool, without the need for a by-pass, with connections or hoses 32 mm/38 mm in diameter that connect the hose to the pump fittings.


In addition, it can be programmed to make it even easier to use.


Like a traditional heat pump, Gre’s mini heat pump for above-ground pools must be installed outdoors in a ventilated area.


Finally, it is an environmentally friendly product since the mini heat pump uses R32 gas, which has no impact on the ozone layer.



Consumption of a Gre mini heat pump

The mini heat pump has great energy efficiency, produces up to five times more of the energy than it consumes, thus saving costs and energy.


The mini pump consumes 1 kW and returns between 4.2 kW and 4.8 kW, depending on the heat pump model, saving energy.


Gre’s mini heat pump for above-ground pools is a more efficient and more economical water heating system than other systems.


As a summary, here are the main characteristics of Gre’s mini heat pump for above-ground home pools:


  • Small and compact heat pumps for above-ground pools.
  • Heat pumps for pools with a small volume of water.
  • Energy system suitable for above-ground pools, without exceeding the indicated water volume.
  • Low energy consumption product.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Low noise level.
  • The mini heat pump does not need a by-pass.
  • Includes rubber cable with RCD network plug.


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