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The sun’s rays are already appearing and we begin to smell spring. With it comes the warmth and summer shopping. A new swimsuit for the swimming pool, a towel, sunglasses and something that in these last years you should buy and cannot be missing is the giant inflatable float of the season!


The giant inflatable float or mattress is used both in the pool and on the beach and allows us to enjoy a moment of peace by floating on the water alone or with the best company. It is an opportunity to enjoy relaxing or just the opposite, by playing in the water of the pool or the beach.


These giant inflatable floats or mattresses have been so popular that on the Malvarosa beach, in Valencia, the largest race with giant inflatables in Europe is held every year, with around 200 participants. Sales of this type of floats have skyrocketed by 175% last year and continues to rise according to Amazon.


In recent years, we’ve had a bit of everything; the giant pink flamenco inflatable float, the giant all colours donut inflatable float, and even the unicorn float, each with its own peculiarities and difficulties.


In the following video we can see an example of the problems we may encounter with the use of these giant inflatable floats, which must always be used with care and following the safety rules.



The giant inflatable float of the 2019 summer


And this year, the theme for the giant inflatable float is food! And not very healthy… We hope that the theme will only affect the giant swimming pool float, or the “bikini operation” will be compromised.


If you’re one of those who likes to pose, or just having fun in the pool water, the giant inflatable float is an indispensable element in your pool.


But what will this summer’s fashion surprise us with?


Well, this season it’s a giant French fries inflatable mattress!


In a bag or “natural”, French fries will be an essential part of your summer look in the pool.


French Fries Airbed2019 Chips Airbed


The inflatable mattress model of French fries or chips in a bag to show off this summer in the pool has a photorealistic print design that will probably make you end up salivating more than you should.


These are inflatables made of vinyl with a 0.30 mm thickness and very resistant to chlorine and salt water so you can use it both in the pool water and on the beach.


Both giant French fries’ mattresses support a maximum weight of 100 kg and are not recommended for children under 14.

Normally, this type of inflatable mattress includes 2 air chambers for added safety.

Other float and mattress options

If French fries don’t convince you, there are always healthy options such as mattresses or giant floats of natural fruits or vegetables.

avocado float with ball for summer 2019


This year, with the avocado float you can also have different game options; play with the avocado seed as if it were a ball, or use the avocado ring (where the seed goes) so that you can use it as a float.


You will also find the giant inflatable watermelon or pineapple float or mattress, perfect and refreshing options for the summer and that you can also buy at Amazon at a very good price.


watermelon shape airbed for 2019 summer Summer 2019 Airbed pineapple shape


And if you still haven’t decided which giant float, you’re going to buy this season, and you still have a giant float or inflatable mattress from years ago of donuts or unicorns, use them! The unicorn above all is still very fashionable..

This season there is a great variety and you can have any of these mattresses or giant inflatable floats for less than 20 euros.


Recommendations on the use of the giant inflatable float

Some of the dangers of these giant floats are falls. We must take into account that any blow we may give ourselves both on the beach and in the pool can be dangerous and affect our physical integrity.


In addition, the use of these floats on the beach has triggered alarms. Last year, lifeguards from many Spanish beaches had to attend to hundreds of people who were going away with the tide and who found it impossible to swim on top of or attached to an inflatable float of this size.

This is why the largest inflatable floats are designed for swimming pools, while the smaller ones are designed for the beach, as they allow us to touch the bottom more easily so that the tide does not drag us into the sea.

It is important to remember that the use of this type of giant inflatable float is exclusively for recreational use.


The original idea of this type of inflatable giant float was to be used in the pool water. That is why they are treated with special chlorine resistant material.


Regardless of which giant inflatable float you like the most, always enjoy it in a Gre pool.


If you still haven’t thought about which giant float to decorate your pool with this summer, there’s still time.


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