How to do a good Summer Pool Maintenance

Summer is the time of year when pool maintenance is paramount. It’s three intense months during which you must take care of all the details to enjoy the best swim possible. Let GRE offer you some advice on how to take care of your pool.

The main component of a pool is the water, and the ultimate goal is to keep it clean and clear on a daily basis. To achieve this, you must check the pH levels every day to ensure they are between 7 and 7.6. If they fall outside of this range, swimmers may experience skin and irritation. The tool used to measure the pH level of water is a pH meter. Another very important factor in pool maintenance is sanitation, a task that prevents the appearance of dirt or algae. These levels are regulated through frequent use of chlorine tablets, the number of which depends on the manufacturer and size of the pool. It is advisable to add the chlorine at night since it should never be added when someone is in the water.

Summer pool maintenance also encompasses cleaning tasks performed by the filter, which should be run for at least six hours a day to ensure proper cleaning. The filter picks up leaves, insects, and dirt that has accumulated on the sides and bottom of the pool. As with chlorine, it is recommended to program the filter so that it runs at night, when no one is swimming. To make this task easier, skim your pool and remove any dirt that has accumulated every time before you swim. A very useful tool for cleaning the sides and bottom is an automatic pool cleaner. It can be run a couple of times a week to remove the dirt that has accumulated and any leftover chlorine.

Algicides and Exterior Cleaning

One of the major concerns when it comes to summer pool maintenance is the water turning green. This can be avoided by using algicides every two weeks. Read the instructions carefully beforehand. In addition to using products and automated programs, pool maintenance requires manual cleaning of both the filtration system and the equipment used, as well as skimmers. These will keep your pool clean and must be in optimum condition for everything to run smoothly.

Another important detail in pool maintenance is cleaning the exterior surface, that is, the area around the pool. Another important task that cannot be neglected is regularly cleaning the pavement, edges, entrances, and shower. If you have grass, this must be taken care of as well. Keep in mind that any dirt that comes from this area can end up in the water, which makes the task more complicated.

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  1. Hola, este veranos hemos puesto una piscina de madera y tenemos una duda en cuanto al hibernaje. Cómo se pone el tapón de la válvula de retorno si quiero dejar desconectada la depuradora? Al quitar el tubo se saldrá el agua de la piscina antes de poner el tapón. Gracias

  2. Hola Juan Manuel,
    El tapón de la boquilla de impulsión se pone por dentro de la piscina. Le dejo un vídeo por si puede serle útil:

  3. Buenas tardes, hace una semana compre una piscina gre ovalada 5 por 3 imitación madera . En primer lugar quería saber si puedo volver a vaciarla para colocar bien el liner ya que se ve un poco por bajo del perfil del suelo más o menos un metro. En segundo lugar quería comentarle que ese mismo día mi hermano compró otra esactamente igual de las mismas medidas y el mismo modelo, porque a él le ha entrado una depuradora mayor con dos sacos de arena , la mia es más pequeña y por tanto un saco de arena , a que se debe ?
    Y por último quiero saber si las placas que van clavadas al suelo no llevan embellecedor? Espero su respuesta. Un saludo gracias

  4. Hola Carmen,
    Una vez colocado el liner, no es recomendable vaciar la piscina para volver a colocarlo ya que se deteriora. Lo que puede hacer es recortar la parte sobrante del liner. En cuanto a la depuradora de arena, incluye un saco de arena de 20Kg. En cuanto a los embellecedores, si la piscina es de 1,20m de profundidad no llevan embellecedores, si por el contrario la piscina es de 1,32m sí deberían llevar. Le facilito el servicio de post-venta por si su caso fuera el de 132cm y necesite embellecedores:

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