Summer nights: how to light your swimming pool? 

During these summer months, when the heat is getting to you, our first thought is to get the pool ready. As well as exterior decoration and everything needed to set up the garden area, how to light swimming pool is an essential part of the process and will help to create a cosy setting. In this post, we are going to explain to you how to light swimming pool and give you some tips to put into practice. Take advantage of your above ground pool this summer.

 How to light your swimming pool in summer

There are an increasing number of alternatives and techniques for lighting the swimming pool in summer. But we’re going to tell you which two are the most common and look great, depending on what you’re looking for.

The most traditional way to light a swimming pool is by using lamps embedded in the pool structure. These lights are placed inside and around the edge. This is a perfect form of lighting that, as well as being decorative, is pleasing to the eye. An ideal way to light up the pool area and enjoy a nice night-time dip. The pool lighting also provides safety in terms of visibility on the ladder, the edge, etc. These lights offer visibility in the garden zone or in deeper sections.

LED lights are the most common nowadays because they offer different light depending on the environment you want and consume less. This is reflected in the monthly bill. The LED lights also have a remote control for selecting your preferred pool light shading.

To light your swimming pool, you may also choose floating lights. In this instance, you avoid having to do work inside the pool. An ideal option as you can have light effects with your favourite colours. These lights float and move in the water, being aesthetically very pleasant. They have autonomy of up to 8 hours and charge via sunlight, so consumption is highly sustainable. Add a touch of magic to your pool with floating lights!


Tips to light up your swimming pool

To light up the pool, ask the experts for advice. Anyhow, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  1. Choose the most suitable colours for your pool, depending on the space in question.
  2. Be clear about whether you want to get exterior lighting or underwater lighting, before starting installation.
  3. Carefully check assembly to avoid problems later. Ask professionals for help so results are as expected.
  4. Know which light regulator is best for our pool. There are regulators for each specific spotlight, for all pool lights as a whole or via remote control.

Because lighting your swimming pool will help you enjoy summer even more – if possible – in a pleasant and perfect environment. For further information, watch our video about LED pool lighting.


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