What is the electrolysis system? Benefits

In recent years we have seen significant advances in salt chlorination pool sanitising systems. Keeping the water clean has often been a real headache. The electrolysis system is one of the most modern and advanced pool water treatment systems. What’s more, it is healthier than other traditional chlorine treatments.


Electrolysis system: how does it work?


It adds salt to the water in the pool to reach a concentration of 3,000ppm. For reference, the sea has a much higher concentration of 38,000ppm.

The salt dissolves in the water and enters the filtering system, where the salt cell is placed. This creates an electric current between two electrodes to produce electrolysis. The process generates two substances: sodium (Na) and chlorine (CI2) in gas form.

This gas mixed with water forms hypochlorous acid, the sanitising agent required by the pool.


Benefits of electrolysis system


  1. Healthier. The electrolysis method is less damaging as its effects on eyes and skin are lesser than in traditional chlorine systems. Some chemically created chlorines cause eye and even skin irritation. This isn’t the case with the electrolysis system.


  1. Cheaper. Saltwater electrolysis is cheaper than other pool sanitising systems. It only

requires special saltwater electrolysis salt and also saves on water.


  1. Less work. This system doesn’t require continuous checking of water chlorine levels, which saves time.


  1. Better for the environment. Electrolysis is produced using salt and means a reduction in the use of chemical products. It is also safer as it does not include the handling of chemicals.


  1. Doesn’t damage clothes. One of the main drawbacks of traditional chlorine systems is that the chemicals it uses spoil swimwear by damaging the fabric and bleaching them. This doesn’t happen with the electrolysis system. It also doesn’t damage hair.


  1. Clearer water. Using salt produces a much more pleasing effect than other chlorine systems. As salt is much clearer, there is a more pleasing natural blue tone.


  1. Fully automated system. The entire process can be automated to save time on pool sanitising.


At GRE, we want to highlight the electrolysis system as a pool water sanitising treatment that has completely changed the market. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that its main benefit is scientifically significant. Sanitising pool water with a natural product that does not affect health is clearly the greatest benefit offered by this pool water sanitising system.



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