How to regulate the pH balance of your pool

If you’re wondering how to regulate the pH balance of your pool to get it ready for the next spring/summer season, don’t worry! GRE will tell you everything you need to know to prepare your pool to ensure maximum enjoyment. 


Why regulate the pH of the pool?

When it comes to knowing how to level the pH of your pool, it is important to know just why it is so necessary.


The pH level of the water in your pool is of vital importance, as it affects the health and condition of our skin when we use the pool. For proper maintenance of your pool, it is essential to check the pH level of the water often and take appropriate measures if you find that the pH is not properly adjusted.


But just what is the pH? The acronym stands for hydrogen potential. This shows the acidity or basicity of the water on a scale rated in values ​​from 0 to 14. 0 is the most acidic measure, 14 is the most basic and 7 is pH Neutral.


The pH value ​​that should be maintained in a pool is in the range of 7.2 to 7.6. This is the ideal level for the health of the skin and eyes of the swimmer. After analysis of the water, if we find pH values ​​that indicate that it is not adjusted, it is important to act quickly, as incorrect pH levels ​​can lead to dry skin and red eyes for the swimmer, also stopping the chlorine in the pool from acting properly.


If the pH value is greater than 7.6, algae or green water may appear as a result of the chlorine no longer acting properly. The pool water will become cloudy due to an overly high pH level. If the pH level falls below the range of 7.0 to 7.2, the chlorine will be removed quickly skin, eye and mucous irritations can be observed. The pH level must be increased immediately.


How to easily regulate the pH balance of your pool

When performing water maintenance tasks in our pool in terms of pH level, we must first analyse the water. To keep the pool water in perfect condition, it is essential to carry out frequent analyses in order to gauge the values ​​of the water. In this way, we will check chlorine, pH, alkalinity and stabiliser. We recommend GRE analysers for water measurements. Smart meters are also available.


After the analysis, a pH regulator can be used with a peristaltic pump for buried pools, which automates the pH regulation and allows it to stabilise at an ideal value to optimise effective disinfection treatment. It can be perfectly installed with the salt chlorinator. Otherwise, the pH level will always be available with pH+ and pH-.

Find all the right products to regulate the pH balance of your pool at GRE, from saline chlorinators, dosing pumps, intelligent water analysers, and chemical products. Everything you need to maintain an optimal state of pool water.


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