Innovative products useful for swimming pools

Innovation is something to keep in mind. In the world of swimming pools, as in most sectors, it is necessary to adapt to different trends and fashions. To do this, products that are already on the market have to be improved and new ones launched, otherwise, the market will remain stagnant. But at Gre, we never stop thinking about what we can do to cover a need.

We would like to introduce you to the most innovative and useful products for your pool: the Blue Connect and the salt chlorinator.

Blue Connect

The Blue Connect is an intelligent analyzer that helps you to keep your pool in perfect condition. It analyses the pH level, temperature, bromine, and salinity of the water. It also indicates which water treatment your pool needs and the exact amount.


It is important to note that it takes two readings a day and all the data can be viewed on your mobile phone via its free app.

This device is designed to avoid doing each analysis manually and being able to save time and money thanks to its recommendations of chemical products.

Salt chlorinator

A salt chlorinator is a tool that generates natural chlorine for the pool from common salt to disinfect it through the salt electrolysis method.


The main advantages of salt electrolysis are the following: it allows you not to store the chemical in a corner of your house and it does not need to be manipulated, simply by pouring the salt it generates and doses the chlorine into the pool.


The difference between chlorine and natural chlorine is that natural chlorine is generated through electrolysis and is less harmful to the eyes and skin. A salt chlorinator is indeed a bigger investment in the short term, but in the long run, it is the best option.


In addition, if you have small children or are sensitive to chlorine, this method is the most convenient.


Gre has several models of salt chlorinators, from the simplest to the most complete ones that include a pH controller.


Maintaining a pool takes dedication, but thanks to new technology, you can save time and money. With products that incorporate different functions in one, such as the salt chlorinator or the Blue Connect, you can rest assured that you will be able to relax while maintaining your pool efficiently and safely.


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