How to get the pool ready for the summer

With summer just around the corner, you need to start thinking about getting your pool ready. You are sure to spend some time reading articles, instructions, etc. to find out how to correctly proceed with the dewintering of your favorite bathing spot. To sum it up clearly and concisely, the different steps to follow are explained below.

Removing the winter cover

After a few long months, the winter cover on the pool must be removed, taking care not to throw the dirt stagnant on the top of the cover into the water. It is, therefore, advisable for two people to do this. Once removed, it should be thoroughly cleaned and completely dry before being stored for the following winter season.

Check water status

In this step of checking the pool water, the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.
On the other hand, shock chlorination is necessary to disinfect the water supply. Chlorination consists of pouring in a larger quantity of chlorine than normal, thus making the cleaning of the pool more effective.

Pool cleaning

There are different types of pool cleaners: manual, electric or hydraulic. You should choose the right cleaning tool for your pool so that at times like this you can carry out a thorough cleaning of the walls, floor, and corners.

Start-up of the sewage treatment plant

First, check that the motor is running and clean the pre-filter of any accumulated dirt. Then, the appliance must be put in the washing position, so that the water passes through the filter in the opposite direction, to lift all the accumulated dirt. The next step is to put the filter in the rinsing position and finally in the filtering position.

Final checks

Finally, the pH should be re-leveled and the condition of the filter system, pump, skimmer, filtration system, and accessories, e.g. the ladder, should be checked.

Summer maintenance

It is important to note that the pool should be cleaned regularly and the water condition should be monitored continuously so as not to damage the health of people as well as the pool.
It is also advisable to use isothermal or summer blankets. In those moments when you know that you are going to be several days without a bath, it is recommended to put on a blanket to maintain the temperature of the water and to prevent the pool from getting too dirty.


If these steps have been carried out correctly, the pool is ready for a glorious summer in the sunshine.


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