Which chemical to use for which type of water

Throughout the year, the water in the pool goes through different times, and at each of these times, it needs to be treated differently. There are many types of products for optimal water care, but here are just a few to help you achieve crystal-clear water.



Once the bathing season has arrived, it is time to open the pool and for this, the main chemical needed is slow chlorine, but if you want the water to stabilize sooner, you can use shock chlorine. As you know, the first thing to do is to analyze the pH of the pool and balance it.


Once the pH minus or pH plus has taken effect, if necessary, the indicated amount of slow chlorine will be added. This type of chemical can be found in different formats: granules, tablets, or tablets.

Continuous care

Once the pool has been prepared, the water treatment must be continued. This time, 3 products are needed: pH minus, pH plus, and slow chlorine, as well as a pH analyzer.


The first step is to test the water, specifically the pH and chlorine. Once checked, if the pH is below 7.2, pH plus should be used, and in the opposite case, when the pH is above 7.6, pH minus should be used.


In the case of chlorine something similar happens, if it is below 0.6 ppm you have to pour slow chlorine, on the other hand, if it is higher than 1.5 ppm you have to wait a few hours and analyze it again until it is within the indicated parameters.






Once the pool season is over and intending to leave the pool in good condition for the next year, what you will need is a specific de-wintering product for this situation.


Algae or green water

Green water means that there are algae in the water. Mostly this type of situation arises in summer due to high temperatures or bad water conditions. But don’t worry, with a chlorine shock treatment it will be solved quickly. Once the chemical has been poured in, you have to wait for it to take effect, and then it is very important to clean the pool with a pool cleaner to leave the pool completely clean.






As you can see it is very simple, but remember that before pouring or dosing the chemicals the pH of the water must be well regulated because otherwise whatever is poured into the pool will not do anything and you will have to start the process all over again.


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