How to use pool water

It is very common to think about saving money, we constantly find ourselves thinking about where we can cut costs. Water and electricity are of prime necessity and their prices are currently somewhat high due to the crisis. Below, we analyze the different uses that water can be put to in order to make the most of it and not have to use the tap.


Watering plants

If you have a swimming pool in your garden and you think it is time to take the water out, the best idea is to use the water to water your plants, provided that it has not been used for a long time without any chemicals as this could kill the grass or plants, especially chlorine.


regar plantas


Dirty car

If you see your car is a bit dirty and you think about the money you have to spend to wash it, don’t worry, a bucket of water will fix it. This water can come either from the swimming pool or from the rain. More and more people are using this type of water saving.


limpieza coche



For the cleaning of the bathroom, it is not necessary to use drinking water, so you can use this water for cleaning. If the water is chlorinated, it can even be used to clean the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. In this way, the bathroom will be sparkling clean.


limpieza baño


It is important to highlight the fact that pool water, with good treatment, can last for many years in perfect conditions for bathing. That is a real saving. But in the case of having to empty the pool, you can follow some of the above tips.


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