Do you have all the pool accessories you need?

It’s impossible to quantify the satisfaction and joy that a swimming pool can bring during the summer, but during the winter months we all greatly miss those long afternoons soaking in the sun. Unless your pool is heated, you’ll have to get used to seeing it just covered in your garden for a few months. But that doesn’t mean that you can just forget about it! We recommend you getting all the pool accessories to get ready for the winter.

Take advantage of these months when you can’t use the pool to get these essential pool accessories so that your experience is always as good as it can be. In this way, when summer arrives, your pool will be fully equipped so that you can enjoy it as much as you want. Take note of these must-have pool accessories.

Pool ladder

The pool ladder is an essential accessory. Ladders are a fundamental safety element for avoiding accidents in the pool, helping you to get in and out of the pool easily. There are different models such as those for above-ground pools or for in-ground pools. Another option is to get a wooden or stainless steel pool ladder; whatever you like!

Pool liner

To make your pool last a good number of years in perfect condition, there’s nothing like using a liner. The liner is a PVC coating which lines the bottom and walls of the pool, so that it acts as protection. To put it more simply, it’s a cover that will extend the life of your pool.

Pool skimmer

To properly be able to enjoy the pool, it’s essential that the water is in perfect condition: clean, clear, and fresh. The skimmer plays an essential role in this and is a complement that’s used to filter and keep the pool water in good condition. Without it, the water gets dirty and becomes stagnant, which can become a source of infections.

Pool spotlight

Summer nights are special moments when you might feel like taking a dip. Pool lights lets you see in the middle of the night and create a magical appearance, with style and beauty.

Pool railings

Pool railings are safety elements essential in every pool especially if you’ve small children who may fall in by accident, and they also prevent pets from falling in the pool.

Pool cleaner kit

With a pool cleaner kit, you can get rid of the dirt that’s found at the bottom of your pool. This kit contains a series of elements such as: a pole, a leaf catcher, a floating dispenser, and other pool accessories. This kit helps your pool to keep clear, clean and inviting every day. You can also find other types of pool cleaner accessories to keep your pool consistently clean.

Winter accessories for your pool

Swimming pools are really enjoyed in spring and, especially, in summer, but for pools to be perfect when the hot months arrive, you need to have proper maintenance all year round, which of course includes the winter months.

You can get your pool to look amazing all year round and not deteriorate by using accessories as simple as a hibernation float, which serves to protect your pool from damaging frost, or with a winter cover, which will prevent stormy winter weather and dirt ruining your pool. You can check out our article on winter pool covers for more information.


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