Blankets: protect your garden before assembling your pool

If you have thought of buying an above-ground pool this year, it is very important to prepare the ground base and protect the floor with a blanket before assembling.


Each pool has a different protection, depending on its size and weight. In GRE, we have a large variety of above-ground pools; and some of them will need concrete slab while others can be installed directly on the floor. Usually, the slab is needed in wooden pools and in composite pools, but you can find this information in each pool manual.


However, regardless of the necessity to install a concrete slab or not, the ground floor has to be completely level. In the case of not needing the slab, the ground floor must be solid to avoid displacement danger.

You need to protect the ground of your garden

Due to the dimensions and heaviness of the pool, once the ground is already prepared, it is highly recommended to place a polyester blanket between the pool and the ground. This way there is an extra layer of support between these two.


The blanket, not only protects the ground but the liner of the pool avoiding exposure to any ground irregularities. This way you can prevent gaps or breaks on the liner due to stones or soil particles.


You can assemble your bottom protective blanket in an easy way. It is also available in different colours and thicknesses, so it adapts to your garden.


Furthermore, these kind of blankets are sold as independent pieces that can be used for many other activities such as a soft area for children to play without getting hurt. They are also really useful for practicing any sport at home.

Other blankets

In GRE we also have other kind of blankets that don’t need assembling. Some of these, are included in our pool kits but you can also get them on their own.


You can find what best suits your pool as there is a wide variety of sizes and forms. They are easy to install and very useful as they prevent you from slipping and from different scratches your pool could suffer.



Once your ground is ready and the blanket placed, you can start assembling the pool. Find out how to set up our GRE wooden swimming pool, one of the best sellers.


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