The different types of pool cleaners and their characteristics

Keeping your pool clean isn’t just a matter of appearances and organisation, it’s also vital for your health. When it comes to this task, you can use the help of a tool called a pool cleaner, which will make things much easier. However, they aren’t all the same. What types of pool cleaners are there and which one is right for you? Keep reading: we’ll tell you everything you need to know.


Types of pool cleaner: manual and automatic


When it comes to choosing the best pool vacuum for your pool, one of the first thing you should consider is how it works. Would you prefer a manual pool cleaner or an automatic one? These are the differences:


Manual pool vacuum: just as you imagined, this means you have to move the device which works quite like a hoover. One of the main benefits is that, as you are in control, you can clean your pool much more thoroughly. The biggest inconvenience of this type of pool cleaner is the effort involved in using it.



Automatic pool cleaner: in this case you don’t need to worry about getting into the corners, as the machine will do it for you. That said, as it’s an automatic tool, it may miss some small areas, especially if you don’t choose the right model because some only clean the floor whilst others take care of the floor and the walls.


Types of automatic pool cleaners: which one to choose


Do you already know you want an automatic pool cleaner to help you keep your pool clean? Well, let us tell you that automatic pool cleaners also have their own classification system depending on the power source they use. These are the main ones:


  • Hydraulic suction pool cleaners: they connect to the outlet of the pool cleaner or the skimmer and clean the floor and walls of the pool, by sucking all debris towards the filter, which they use for power. Many users appreciate their simplicity and that they don’t need to be programmed. However, they also activate and deactivate the pump several times as they move.


  • Pressure pool cleaner: this type of pool cleaner connects to the return outlet and also needs an extra pump. They include a type of bag to collect the debris they suck in, which means the filter doesn’t get clogged up.


  • Electric pool vacuum: if you’re looking for a fully independent pool robot which doesn’t use the filter system or need your help, then this might be the best choice for you. These robots use mains electricity and don’t require you to watch over them as you can programme them to quickly and efficiently clean your pool.



As you can see, not every model of pool cleaner is the same and nor do they have same features. Your choice will depend on your preferences and your pool.


Since the merger of the Fluidra Group with Zodiac Pool Care last 2019, GRE has been distributing jointly with the Zodiac brand. As a result of this partnership, the GRE catalogue now includes one of the most well-known brands in the pool cleaner market, a world leader in pools and wellbeing. For both partners, Zodiac and Fluidra, the target is

clear: creating the perfect pool and wellbeing experience.


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  2. Buenos días Yolanda, si, no hay ningún problema. El limpiafondos está preparado para que se pueda introducir totalmente en el agua. Saludos.

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