The skimmer: best accessory to maintain your pool clean

Sometimes, the skimmer could be forgotten in a pool, but it probably the main accessory referring to the cleaning.

Filtration equipment

This product that you will always find on the walls of the pool is part of the filtration equipment. Thanks to the skimmer, the dirt of greater volume that falls into the water does not stuck at the bottom.


When the wind leaves insects or another kind of dirt in the water, the skimmer collects this dirt, drawing it towards itself. In this way, these elements are trapped in an area of ​​the skimmer where we can later collect ourselves and throw them away.


However, it is very important to know that the skimmer works to clean the pool hand in hand with the filters; generally, cartridge or sand filters, which are responsible for collecting the smallest particles of dirt that the skimmer does not catch.


In addition, to optimize this cleaning and enjoy 100% crystal clear water, you will have to get a cleaner, because despite this filtration equipment next to the skimmer, there are particles that remain trapped at the bottom. Discover the different types of pool cleaners and complete the cleaning of your pool.

How a skimmer works

The skimmer is divided into several parts, and each one has a different function. First, we have the part that communicates directly with the pool water.


This is a kind of window located on the waterline that collects the water from the pool. It has a tab or gate that opens and closes to prevent collected dirt from flowing back into the pool.


This water passes through the skimmer tube to a basket. This basket is a kind of a strainer where the larger dirt is trapped, and only clean water passes back into the pool.

Care and maintenance

It is not necessary to have the skimmer running constantly, just turn it on when you see dirt on the surface of the pool. Once it has cleaned water again, you can turn it off and take a bath. However, the skimmer can perfectly be working while you swim in the pool.


As for its components, they can be changed if they suffer any damage. It is important to empty the basket regularly to avoid deterioration or before the dirt does not allow clean water to pass through.



GRE skimmers are very easy to install and are available in various colours, which blend in with the pool decoration. Even so, from time to time you must change a piece that deteriorates with use. That is why we have spare parts, in order to always have the skimmer in perfect condition.


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  1. Need a replacement skimmer for steel wall pool, eliding in the UK. Or a skimmer brand that will fit. Thank you in advance.
    Lisa James

  2. Hello Lisa,
    We need more information of your pool to give you the best answer. Could you contact our after-sale service in order to provide you the answer. The link is the following: Thanks in advance.

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