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A few weeks ago, we told you about some of our news for this 2021. Well, here we bring the second part with the most complete accessories for your pool.

Betting on efficiency

At GRE we are increasingly betting on efficient energy, so it does not harm the environment and is good for our pockets.


For this reason, we have decided to launch new products that work with solar energy; In other words, they do not need plugs or electrical appliances, the sun is enough to generate energy.

Solar reels

This year, as a novelty among our accessories, we want to highlight the solar reel for in-ground pools. Forget having to remove or put the cover of your pool by yourself. This new motorized solar reel helps you picking up your cover or place it in the pool without making any effort.


The reel includes a 5.50 m telescopic tube and wheels, to make it easier to transport. In addition, it also has a remote control so you can use your reel from home.

Solar showers

Solar showers are not a new product among our range of showers. However, this year we have expanded the designs so that you can choose without having to worry about heating the water in the shower, because thanks to solar energy, it will not involve any expense.


Our new model is the solar aluminium shower with the highest capacity; about 38l. This shower is a single piece and includes a foot wash tap. It has straight shapes and dark colours providing seriousness and modernity to the design.


We also have more basic two-piece PVC shower without foot washers. This solar shower has a capacity of 9l and has a wooden aspect, thus giving your garden an elegant touch without clashing with the surroundings.

Chemical-free treatments

When we get into a pool with chlorine, it can often irritate our eyes or even our skin and it becomes difficult to enjoy the bath. If this is your case, at GRE we have an alternative to chlorine to treat your pool, without the need of chemicals.

Salt chlorinator

Electrolysis is a method of treating swimming pool water with common salt. This year we have launched new chlorinators “all in one”, the most complete range for the treatment of your pool.


In addition, these new chlorinators produce chlorine for your pool, work as a pH controller giving you information about the state of the pH in your pool to help you regulate it.


They include a dosing pump so you do not have to worry about the quantities, the chlorinator itself stores it and will dose according to the need of your pool.



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