Get rid of wasps in the swimming pool, for good

We better find a real solution to the swimming pool and wasp problem instead of freezing in the place when one of these creatures fly around us, faking that we have the situation under control and we are absolutely not freaking out on the inside.


Could it be the sunscreen? does it make our skin delicious to the invertebrate fang? As far as we can tell, the most probable thing are those wasp antennae that end in a twisted organ that feeds on evildoing and human misery.


So, in order to trace an effective plan we must discover what things love, and what things abhor, these absolute antagonists of the summer that we called wasps.



Wasp repellent plants

Now that the summer is about to begin and we still have our patience unscathed, let’s start taking a look at some minor preemptive measures.


One of the plants that everybody recommends to have in our gardens to shoo away insects, and incidentally add some mediterranean scent, is basil. It is exactly this italian dish odour the one who will discourage a lot of the unwanted insects that come to our lawn, wasps included.


Thing is… if I look back in time, I can recall wasps lurking around the crust of some kick ass Jamie Oliver’s recipe pizza. I guess that when it comes to pizza, wasps can halt their diet like we do.


Citronella, or lemongrass, aside of having a fabulous name, is one of the best allies you can find against wasps. Best way to use it is planting it around those other plants wasps love as much as you do.


You can also draw a perimeter of citronellas to protect a specific area of your garden from wasp, much like an invisible magic wall.


On the other hand, Marigold, apart from being a resilient type of plant that can thrive in diverse kinds of weathers, it is also a recognised enemy of the wasp.


Jasmine, sometimes the leading role in cheesy auteur poems, is another of the greens in direct conflict with insects such as wasps.


Equally aromatic but with iller rhyme is the Lavender. One cool thing we can say about lavender is that not only is good at banishing insects, it also soothes anxiety fueled humans.



Household remedies against wasps

You are now entering the dark realm. If none of the plants above manages to keep the black and yellow creatures off your grass, it may not be that bad idea putting on your killing bandana and make use of some of that magic we all inherited from our grannies.


For example, it is said that onion boiled water, if sprayed around the garden, is capable of expelling any mischievous wasp. Also, burning leaves of laurel is said to work like a charm. You can plant it on the ground too, but where is the fun on that?


Lastly, if you cut a plastic bottle in half and you place the top part upside down, in a funnel position, inside the other one and pour some beer and sugar inside, you may build some sadistic insect trap. You can find more of these “methods” in online forums or even YouTube.


Ultimately, we personally like to maintain things simple. We trust in the power of Citronella and violent splashes of water to shoo these infamous creatures away. Sadly, sometimes is not enough


Do you know any foolproof method to get rid of wasps? Enlighten us within the comment section.




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  1. Siento desilusionar, pero el laurel no las ahuyenta. Tengo uno bien grande plantado junto a la piscina y es su sitio favorito para hacer nidos. Probaré con la albahaca y la citronella.

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