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With the arrival of the warm sunny days, the pools are getting packed to let us enjoy life and Sun, but we consider a series of measures to maintain the security in and around the pool and prevent accidents and drownings.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and its World report on child injury prevention, drowning is one of the principal causes of non intentional injuries, with a higher frequency in those less than 5 years-old.


Many studies have revealed that the lack of surveillance is an important cause of accidents of kids, especially those related to water. Continuous surveillance is the best way to ensure the children safety around pools.


Here we list a series of security measures in and around the pool, applicable to children and adults alike:


  • Never swim alone in the pool. For children, always swim under the supervision of adults.
  • If you don’t know how to swim well, use hoses or an inflatable vest, only use approved equipment.
  • Always shower yourself before entering the pool. Enter the water slowly and gradually, to avoid shocks, digestion and breathing issues.
  • When plunging in the pool from the side, take into account the depth of the pool.
  • Be cautious while playing or running around curbs, slides, stairs since they are slippery.
  • During the exposure to the Sun: glasses, hat and sunscreen are necessary. Everything we need to protect us from the sun rays while we’re in the pool.
  • Fences and covers are to avoid problems, don’t let any child get to them and touch them without surveillance.
  • Detect possible risks around the pool to prevent accidents.
  • Install security equipment around the swimming pool.
  • Have a basic emergency kit

Elements of security in and around the pool

Prevention is key to have a safe pool in our home and fully enjoy the warm season. Children are kings of the pool in the Summer season, in addition to being refreshing swimming in a pool is a good exercise and develops their motor skills.


We’ll talk of a various pool security elements to be able to enjoy it fully in a safe environment.


  • Security fences are traditionally the best element of security and one of the most commonly used options prevent access to swimming pools.


Those systems are especially important when there are children or pets at home. The fences prevent the direct contact with the water.


We must be sure that the fence has an access door and a lock that are childproof. In a moment of inattention of the adults, children could open the door and have access to the pool, unsupervised. We should also consider the height of the fence because kids could jump over it.


Gre has security fences and enclosures; we especially highlight the swimming pool enclosure, which can be adjusted to any pool type and any length. It’s an enclosure of transparent fabric measuring 1.25 m high, that allows a total visibility of the pool.


Gre's enclosures for safety pools


  • The covers to close the pool, in addition to restrict access to the swimming pool, they insulate your water to keep it warm and clean of debris, making its maintenance easier. Hard covers offer a better protection against falls in the pool.


In the majority of cases, the fences and the covers are two products that complete each other in terms of swimming pool security.


  • Staircases to get in or out of the swimming pool must be fixed and have anti-slippery steps to prevent accidents. At Gre, we have many types of security stairs, certified according to the EN 16582-1:2015 and EN 16582-3:2015 standards.


  • Alarms are another element of security of the swimming pool area. We can mention of two types of alarms, those of the perimeter and those inside the pool. The first type is for when someone has entered the user-defined area around the pool, while the pool alarm sounds when there’s a fall in the water. This last type of alarm is armed when the pool is empty.


  • Another important security aspect is the water treatment, because not only falls or mishaps can cause accidents or injuries.

That’s why it’s important to keep the swimming pool water clean and in perfect condition to prevent allergies and skin problems. It’s necessary to test the water and use the adequate chemical products.


Gre propose you different systems to maintain the water of your swimming pool in perfect condition. Among those, we can mention the salt chlorinators, which produce chlorine automatically from salt to assure the permanent disinfection of the water of the swimming pool. You can see more pool water products in our YouTube channel.


What do do in case of accident?

In case of all those safety measures aren’t enough, it’s necessary to have basic emergency knowledge in case of accidents. According to the Red Cross, you should follow the PWH (Protect, Warn and Help) method and, above all, stay calm.


Protect the area of the accident, creating a safe environment to prevent more accidents. Notify emergency services and inform them clearly of the situation. Finally, you must help the affected person, control their vital functions, avoid sudden movements and make sure they are conscious and breathing.


Don’t forget that you’ll find many more swimming pool and security advices in our social networks. Follow up not to miss anything.



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