4 differences between a tubular pool and a steel pool

Do you know the difference between a tubular pool and a steel pool? Discover how different they are.

The structure

The first thing you need to know is that a steel pool has a solid steel structure, while a tubular pool is made of plastic, so it is not so resistant.
The plastic material of the tubular pool is the liner itself; it means that it is completely exposed because there is not a solid structure to protect it; which is not the case of steel pools.
The steel gives to the pool more resistant anchorage; which makes the pool more stable being anchored to the ground.
Although you cannot protect the walls of the tubular pool, there is a way to protect the liner off the ground that will help you if you have any type of above ground pool. There are bottom protective blankets to prevent the liner being in contact with the ground.

The design

The design of the tubular pool is very different from the design of the steel pool. However, this is a matter of likes. We are not going to tell if one pool is visually more attractive than the other one; we only are going to explain you some appreciations.
Tubular pools have and metal structure very easy to use; but there are some parts of the metal that are visible when the pool is assembled. In the case of steel pools, the metal is hidden by trims that enhance aesthetics.
Both type of pools are available in different sizes and forms, but steel pools are also in different texture designs and colours, that they adapt to any environment.

The assembly

The assembly of the tubular pools is very easy and fast. These pools don`t have any structure; they only have the plastic and the metal part which make them cheaper.
The assembly of steel pools is also easy in every flat ground. They have the advantage that if you want to disassemble it and save it for the following season, you don’t run the risk of it getting punctured as can happen in tubular pools.

The durability

Once these pools are assembled, you must know that they do not last the same. Tubular pool has a shorter life; it can last about 5 year while an above ground steel pool lasts up to 15 years.
At GRE we offer 4 years of warranty for the structure of our steel pools.
And these are the main differences between both pools, what do you prefer?


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