What do I need to winterize my pool?

Even if you are no longer going to use your pool in winter, we do not recommend that you empty it since it involves a high cost and next year you will have to fill it again.


Even so, you need to protect it from low temperatures to prevent it from spoiling; at GRE we show step by step how to prepare your pool for winter.

Healthy water

To close your pool, the first thing you have to do is lower the water level a bit; Ideally, leave it about 5 cm below the skimmer to prevent water from entering the skimmer during this period and freezing and damaging it.


You have to tune the water; as if you were going to take a bath. That is to say; First, measure the pH level of your pool and make sure it is between 7.2 and 7.6.


When you have the pH regulated and the water in optimal conditions; We recommend that you pass the pool cleaner to prevent dirt from remaining at the bottom of the pool throughout the season.

Close the filtration system

If the temperatures drop too low in the area where you live, it is necessary to remove all accessories to prevent the water that remains in them from freezing and can damage these elements.


Empty the filter of your pool of water and store it in a place free of humidity. Before doing so be sure to wash and dry it properly.


Our sand pump have an emptying system for greater ease. In this way you just have to activate it and wait for the water to come out completely.


It is not necessary to remove the sand from the pump, but you must keep it dry before storing it.

Liquid winterizer

Then we are going to add chemical for the winter. In this way we will help the water to stay.


This liquid winterizer, you must add it for the first time before covering your pool; but it is advisable that in the middle of the season you add another dose; for example, if the pool is closed for 4 months, it is advisable to add the chemical for the winter in the second month.


This product should only be added when the ambient temperature is below 15ºC to be effective.

Cover your pool

When we have all the process done, we have to place the winter cover. Make sure your cover is the correct size for your pool. Unlike the summer covers, the winter covers are larger than the pool covers; after all, they must cover it completely.


A very important point when covering your pool is to avoid that the water is in contact with the cover at any time.


For this, we recommend placing a float that raises the cover and prevents it from being in contact with water. Depending on the size of the pool, more than one float may be required.



If you follow these steps you will have your pool ready for winter. If you have any questions, do not forget to contact us.


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