Gre steel removable pools. Very easy to assemble!

Nowadays, having a swimming pool in your garden does not have to be something exceptional. The variety of sizes of Gre steel detachable pools allows them to be placed almost anywhere in the garden. What’s more, the pools are so easy to assemble that you can even do it with your children as a family activity. And they are so beautiful that they will beautify, complement and make you enjoy your garden even more.


Steel above-ground pool

Currently, Gre’s steel above-ground pools are the easiest to configure. Gre currently offers more than 70 different models where you can choose the shape, length, height and external appearance of the pool.


The Gre steel detachable pool can be oval or round in shape. The oval-shaped steel removable swimming pool can be up to 10 metres long and then taper down to 5 metres. In the case of the Gre round-shaped removable steel swimming pool, it varies from 5.5 to 2.4 metres in diameter.


We can also choose the height of the removable pools. The removable steel pools in imitation wood, granite or stone are available in versions of 135 or 120 centimetres in height. In the case of the Gre white detachable pools, there is a choice of 135 and 120 centimetre heights. Depending on the use of the pool and the people who are going to bathe in it, we will be more interested in one pool height or another.


And finally, we can choose the colour of the external imitation of our removable swimming pool. Gre steel above-ground pools are available in imitation wood, graphite, Nordic or white.


Steel above-ground pools are one of Gre’s best-selling products. Because of the great durability of the galvanised steel sheet, and because they are easy to install. You don’t need to do any building work or ask for permits. With the usual tools of any home with a garden you will be able to do it.


In addition, thanks to the durability of stainless steel removable pools, they can be installed all year round. If the pool is not used in winter, it will be necessary to maintain the water properly in winter. There are various accessories that will allow us to control the water in the pool in winter.


Our recommendation is that you enjoy your pool beyond the summer. To this end, Gre steel above-ground pools can be fitted with a heat pump, which will allow you to enjoy your pool as if it were a spa.




How to install the Gre removable steel pool

To choose the right removable steel swimming pool for your garden, you should take into account the space you have available, as well as the number of people who will usually enjoy the pool. You should set aside an area around the perimeter of the removable pool that facilitates both access and cleaning of the pool.


Bear in mind that the pool should be away from any pipes or electricity lines and close to a water supply and drain. If possible, it should be in direct sunlight!


Once you have chosen the Gre steel detachable pool you are most interested in, as well as the location, you must take into account the terrain where it is going to be installed. There should be no unevenness or protruding particles that could damage the structure of the pool, such as roots or stones.


All Gre steel demountable pools are designed so that the end consumer is able to install the pool themselves in one day with the help of 2 or 3 people, depending on the assembly system chosen or the size of the pool.


2 personas montaje


If you still have any doubts, in this video you will be able to see in detail the steps to follow to be able to assemble the Gre steel detachable pool by yourself.


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