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Gre, a pioneer company in the manufacturing of demountable swimming pools, has worked for a long time now on new products, pool models, water treatment chemical products, covers, cleaners, heaters and many more, to match with the latest trends.   As a result of this search for the best products, it presents many new products for 2019 to enhance its catalogue of products.


The two new square models of pools from Gre for 2019 are the Avantgarde, part of the composite material pools, and a model in the Sunbay collection.


We’ll see the characteristics of those two new models.


Avantgarde Square Composite Pool


The demountable swimming pools in composite material from Gre are an alternative to the wooden pools. With a modern and avant-garde look, the Avantgarde composite pools are available in various shapes: round, oval, rectangular and now square.


Those pools are built with a new material of the latest technology; a very resistant mixture of wood and resin that doesn’t splinter and doesn’t rot, so it doesn’t require as much maintenance as the wooden pools.


The AvantGarde pools from Gre present many advantages. First, their easy installation method; the assembly is easy and requires very few tools. The pool kit contains all the necessary accessories for the assembly: panels, sand filtration, liner and stairs.


In these videos on the left, you can see how to assemble a demountable group on your own.


Other principal features of the pool made out composite material is the low cost of maintenance, thanks to the innovative material that offers a long durability. In addition, this material helps maintain the temperature of the water.


The swimming pools in composite material from Gre have a great look equal to a luxury wooden finish. They are pools made out of a solid structure of pre-assembled panels made out of composites, a strong and unique material which is also sustainable.


For 2019, Gre offers you a new model in this series, the Avantgarde square pool made out of composite material, a new elegant pool type that will fit any backyard or site, from rustic to modern styles, and it doesn’t need much space with its dimensions of 326 x 326 x 96 cm.


The Avantgarde pool from Gre comes with a grey liner 60/100 with an anti-ultraviolet treatment that prevents the ageing of the PVC.


The square composite Avantgarde pool rests on vertical composite profiles for greater strength and metal footings that are fixed on the concrete slab to reinforce the sides. With this type of pool, a cement border is recommended in the case of an elevated installation. It is also possible to half-bury or totally bury this pool model in the ground.


The composite pools from Gre come equipped with the following accessories:


  • A sand treatment unit, processing 4 m³ / h, flint sand, pump, filter and selector valve according to the European Regulation.
  • Exterior staircase in composites with four steps.
  • Interior staircase in stainless steel with three steps.
  • A wide-opening skimmer and return valve.
  • Protective cover for the polyester floor, 110 g/m².
  • Decorations and aluminium profiles.
  • Connection hose.
  • 2 years of warranty.


The square pools from Gre offer the possibility to have a cover, for summer or for winter, that keeps the water temperature during the night, in addition to maintain the water clean.


Another important point of the composite pools is that it allows the use of electric pool cleaners, which makes our life much easier regarding the maintenance and cleaning of the pool.


Square wooden pool City, come back to nature


Gre has a large variety of demountable wooden pool made with French forest pine for an easy assembly and adaptable to any type of backyard or site. This type of pool attracts the attention because of the beauty of the natural wood, an ecological and sustainable wood with a great durability and resistance.


The Sunbay series if demountable wooden swimming pools from Gre are 100% made of wood, with excellent finishes that guarantee a long durability. Previously available in round, oval and rectangular shapes, now the catalogue is complete with a square model.


The pools from the Sunbay collection are made in France and feature the certification of quality of origin (PEFC), and are distributed at the national level by Gre, a leader in the pool business.


The novelty of this collection of pools is the square model Sunbay City, more compact with a rustic style. Thanks to its small foot print (dimensions: 225 x 225 x 68 cm), it’s an urban pool; ideal for small backyards or terraces.


The City model is a wooden pool made with forest pine with a treatment in autoclave IV specially designed for the exterior, ensuring a long durability of the wood, and resistance to the attacks of insects and rot. For this reason, Gre offers a 10-year guarantee on the wooden structure and 2 years for the rest of the components.


This type of demountable wood pools have a quality selection of accessories:


  • Wooden structure of French forest pine, treated in autoclave class IV with a double certification PEFC.
  • Blue PVC liner 50/100 with anti-UV treatment.
  • Cartridge filter.
  • Bottom protectors.
  • Protective cover.


The Sunbay City wooden demountable swimming pool from Gre offers a great versatility since it can be installed in many different ways: on the ground, half-bury or totally bury this pool model in the ground, to adapt it to the backyard of your home. This type of pool doesn’t require a cement slab, although Gre recommends doing one before the installation of the pool.


If you want more information about the new products of Gre in terms of pools or any other products, you can contact us.


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