Gre’s Composite Swimming Pools

Gre Composite swimming pools have to have something to be liked this much. It was not a surprise that after its appearance last year in our catalogue, they literally killed it.


These swimming pools are avant-garde, and not only in the way they look: their construction and materials are as modern as they appear to be. Gre composite pools are the future in the present time.


Gre composite pools are built with the material known as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). This is a homogeneous mixture of wood fibers and high density polymers, in a 50/50 mix that results in an over the terrain swimming pool coming from the future.


Apart from dressing in style the raft of water in which we will spend moments of unlimited joy, this WPC mix is one of the most resistant materials that will protect one of our most beloved possessions from the weather .


Gre’s composite swimming pools have a high resistance and durability. There will be no brute who can punish the structure of this pool. Much less the invisible threat of wetness and UV rays.


One thing that places them above the wooden pools is that composite pools do not require prior treatments for their use or maintenance.


The words mold and putrefaction that so many alarms trigger are irrelevant when it comes to a composite pool.


Composite Pools, Elegant Pools

One thing we learned from our users is how well integrated these composite pools are in the gardens. With permission of the wooden pools, a semi-buried composite Gre swimming pool is an aesthetic wonder that stands out in all types of terrains.


The reason why this year we have decided to expand its range of models. The rectangular composite swimming pool has joined the Gre composite pools that we already had in our catalogue.


We can not wait to see how our skillful customers implement this new swimming pool format in their gardens.


Not counting that these rectangular pools retain all the virtues which made them great last season. Among other things, a quick and easy installation thanks to its pre-assembled panels.


Enough to convince you?


The complete KIT of this composite swimming pool is formed by the filter, sand, liner, a stainless steel staircase, the background carpet and other aesthetic elements.


You can find more information about this and other swimming pools, as well as the instructions and installation manuals in the section of composite swimming pools of the official website of Gre.


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Piscinas de composite rectangulares de la marca Greplayas de las piscinas de composite de grepiscinas de composite gre


  1. Very interested in this above ground composite pool. I would love some information on it please.

  2. Hi Carol,

    You can see our range of composite pools on the website:
    And if you need, you can see our installation video (KPCO41):

    Thank you very much.

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