The perfect size for a swimming pool

The size of a swimming pool is important. It should not bring many headaches if we are clear about the use that we are going to give to our new pool .


Getting a new swimming pool is a joyous occasion, but let’s stop a moment to assess the formal aspects of this structure to not regret having chosen the wrong type of model later on.


If you are going to buy a pool for recreational purposes, as to enjoy it with children, you will not need a particularly large depth. What’s more, when children come into play, the best thing is for them to “stand up” and be able to get out of the water.


Likewise, a leisure swimming pool does not need a specific shape or size. Round pools may be more suitable for games and parties, but if you want to improve your stroke it may not be a good idea.



Swimming pools for working out

Speaking of users with athletic needs, apart from the length, it is advisable to ensure that the swimming pool reaches a minimum of depth.


A depth between 120 to 150 centimeters, depending on the size of the user, should be sufficient to carry out safely the changes of direction during swimming.


In terms of length, our new Cardamon wooden pool, without reaching the dimensions of a sports pool, with its 12.5 meters long will surely satisfy those who seek to practice a low impact exercise.


If you are looking for a little aquatic exercise with the intention of improving your health and practicing changes of direction is not a necessity, supplements such as Gre’s Pool Athlete turn a modest pool into an unparalleled training space.


Swimming pools to embellish your garden

Some users also give importance to the decorative facet of their garden, and they are happy with a pool with a strong aesthetic value. In Gre’s catalogue you can find a lot of possibilities for users who value design.


Oval, round, circular or square swimming pools fit like a glove to gardens and patios of any area of land. In addition, many of these pools can be configured in such a way that they can be installed on the ground, buried or semi-buried.


For those people who essentially seek to appease the suffocating embrace of summer but have little space, there are swimming pools designed for them in our catalogue. Like the small wooden swimming pool or small steel swimming pool. The kind of purchase that will bring the refreshing slice of relaxation that is missing in your summer routine.


Don’t you forget that it is always important to leave an area a little larger than that of the surface of the pool to cordon off the swimming area, improve safety and cleanliness.


In that matter, you can complicate yourself as much as you want, but if instead of a gravel area for towels you want a floating wooden platform, it is possible that a polygonal swimming pool will make easier the construction work.


Go to the official website of Gre and choose your new swimming pool now!


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