What to Consider Before Buying a Pool

Having a swimming pool in your garden is something that provides you with comfort. When thinking about this option it is common to think about the initial outlay, but do you know what it means to buy a pool and put it in your house?


To begin with, it is important to point out that there are two types of pools: above-ground and in-ground. Above-ground pools are mainly characterized by the fact that they do not require building work like in-ground pools, which means greater savings and both have the same purpose.


The water

And the water? Water is not a problem. Filling the pool indeed requires a large number of liters of water but did you know that if you keep the water in good condition, i.e. using the right chemicals, a pool cleaner, and a cover, it can last for years? Yes, it is common to hear that the water needs to be changed from time to time, but it has been proven that it does not.


For example, if we fill a 20m3 pool and the water lasts for 5 years, this means that when the pool is filled it costs an average of 39€. Therefore, with good maintenance, you can save €468 per year by changing the water once a month.



It is often thought that having a swimming pool is a high energy cost. However, if we compare it with other objects that require electricity in our day-to-day life, we can see that the difference is not so great.


If I have to keep the filtering system running all the time, the electricity consumption in my home shoots up. Well, it doesn’t! Having the pool filtration system running hardly consumes the same as two normal light bulbs in the house.


Having explained the points to take into account, you will surely appreciate having a place to cool off in the summer on your plot of land. With Gre’s range of pools, accessories, and chemicals you’re sure to find something within your budget and you’ll be able to say, let’s go to the pool!


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