How to build an Atolón swimming pool

Swimming pools from the GRE Atolón range give you all the features of a built-in pool. Building a pool like this is an excellent option since they are designed and manufactured for excellent durability.


GRE Atolón pools come in different lengths, widths and heights. You can choose the model that best suits your needs. It’s large variety, which range from a length of up to 8 meters and a height of 120 to 150cm, allow it to adapt to any need and to a variety of environments.


How to build an in-ground swimming pool with a dismountable Atolón

To build a buried pool with a dismountable GRE Atolón, you need to follow these steps:


● Dig a hole big enough to place the GRE pool you have chosen according to your preferences, plus the pool’s filtration system. The total space required will be that of the pool plus one meter on each side.


● Build a concrete slab to create a base strong enough to support the weight of the GRE pool. Depending on whether you have chosen a round or oval pool model it will be necessary to make a few small concrete or brick walls. These instructions will be detailed in the manual for the GRE pool you have chosen.


● After completing the two previous steps, you will only need to install your GRE Atolón pool as instructed in the manual you will get with your order.


● It is important to note that your Atolón pool will come with all the accessories you need to install it. This way, both the sand trap, stainless steel ladder, connection hoses, polyester protection blanket and more materials will be available for you to install your pool easily and quickly.

Care and maintenance of your pool

After building your Atolón pool , the only thing left is to enjoy it to the fullest with all the safety that GRE pools provide. Enjoy the water and the good weather like never before.


At GRE you can find dismountable pools as well as having all the necessary accessories for your pool: pool cleaners, water treatment products, covers, and much more!


Discover the best accessories for maintaining your pool and guaranteeing its durability. We assure you that you will enjoy your pool for many years.



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