How to clean a swimming pool: the best options

In summer we love enjoying a clean pool with crystal clear water that invites you to swim at any time. Keeping it clean during the rest of the year is important to avoid the reproduction of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms. If you want to learn how to clean a pool, be sure to read the GRE recommendations!

How to clean a pool: different alternatives

Swimming pools are the perfect place to spend a fun and relaxing time in summer, spring and even autumn! However, they do require maintenance to ensure good use and durability.


There are several processes and ways to clean pools and keep the water as pure as possible. We can find manual and automatic alternatives, with the improvement in comfort and time saving that this entails.


At Gre you can find several pool cleaners, of various types according to your needs, but all are effective against dirt: manual, electric and vacuum cleaners. If you were wondering how to easily clean a pool, at Gre we have the solution!

Filtration: key in cleaning your pool

In addition to choosing a pool cleaner suited to your needs, it is important to purify water from possible bacteria and impurities.


Pool pumps are key to a pool’s filtration system, sucking up the pool water, filtering and purifying it, and releasing it back into the pool. At GRE you can choose from our comfort pumps, which are composed of 4 pumps with power ratings between ⅓ CV and ¾ CV and premium pumps, with 4 pumps with power ratings between ¾ CV and 2 CV.


At GRE, you can find sand, Aqualoon and cartridge treatment plants to suit your needs. To hide the sand filters, you can choose from the wooden or composite filter houses, which are perfect for giving the filter system an aesthetic touch.

How to clean a pool: water treatment

In addition to knowing how to clean a pool, it is important to consider the alternatives in terms of water treatment.


Nowadays there are very easy to use products to keep your pool in the best condition and prepare it for the hot months.


For water measurement we have a range of digital testers to know the most relevant water parameters and help identify what you need to keep the water crystal clear. Find all the water treatment products at GRE, look after your pool as it deserves and discover how to clean it with GRE!


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