Swimming pool heat pumps: enjoy your pool all year round

There are more and more ways to enjoy pools in the winter months. And there are so many pool heating systems out there that taking a pleasant dip is the best plan, or the perfect plan if you have to stay at home. The heat pump is therefore the perfect feature to extend the swim season and get the perfect water temperature. In this post, we tell you how the swimming pool heat pump works and about the various models there are.


Swimming pool heat pumps

The swimming pool heat pump makes it possible to use your pool under the best conditions for a longer amount of time. You can swim, relax, hang out, etc.

Having a pool at home is a considerable expense, and a heat pump can be a solution to get your money’s worth. Although it involves an initial investment, you can use your pool more often, so it makes it more cost-effective. The swimming pool heat pump is very efficient. It works just by adding heat to the pool water. This type of pump has an evaporator that takes heat from the air and transfers it to the pool water to increase its temperature.

In most cases, the energy used to heat the pool comes from a natural source, the air. The heat pump is easy to install and can be added to both newly constructed and existing pools. All you need for a quick and easy installation is a power supply and a water valve, and you will have all the benefits of a heat pump.

How to choose a swimming pool heat pump

There are several things you must keep in mind when choosing a swimming pool heat pump. Among the factors to consider are the size of the pool, altitude, your geographic location, and the direction of the wind, since the temperature it brings will vary depending on where it comes from. It is also important to consider whether your pool is inground or above-ground, as well as how many months you plan to use it and if it is possible to do so year-round.

GRE’s mini heat pump is designed to heat above-ground pools with a maximum volume of water of 30 m³ and a minimum output flow of 0 to 3 m³/h. It’s easy to install, does not require a bypass, and has a minimum and maximum working temperature of 12 ºC and 42 ºC and a calorific power of 4,2 kW. We also have a mini heat pump to heat above ground pools with a maximum volumen of water of 20 m³ and a calorific power of 2,5kW.

GRE’s traditional heat pump is designed to heat tubular above-ground pools with a maximum volume of water of 15 m³ and a minimum output flow of 0 to 3 m³/h. It has a Hitachi rotary compressor, a minimum and maximum working temperature of -5 ºC to 43 ºC, and a calorific power from 3,5 kW to 24 kW.

Ultimately, heat pumps have to meet the specific needs of each pool, and choosing the best fit is the key. There are mini swimming pool heat pumps, traditional swimming pool heat pumps, or heat pumps with a bypass kit. Pool pumps with an inverter function work wonders, and using a solar cover also helps the heat pump do its job better. Try it and enjoy your above-ground pool with all its guarantees.


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