Getting a pool cover: a good idea for winter

Summer is over, and it’s time to look for ways to keep the pool in the best possible condition. A pool cover is a good option. It’s a system that guarantees proper maintenance, whether to uncover it for the next summer or if someone brave enough wants to take a dip during winter.

Why should you buy a pool cover for winter?

  1. The pool cover guarantees optimal pool and water care, and it implies significant money savings. This system can raise water temperatures by up to four degrees. If that brave soul wants to take a swim in the middle of winter, they’ll appreciate that the water is a little warmer than usual. In fact, in some areas of Spain where summer nights can get chilly, some families use a pool cover during summer. The difference between placing the cover before going to sleep and not using it is significant when going for a swim the next day.
  2. Another benefit of using pool covers during winter is reducing chlorine usage, which translates into more respect for the environment and cost savings. A cover prevents chlorine degradation in the water from being so severe. Therefore, keeping the water clean requires fewer tablets.
  3. Evaporation levels also decrease, which is the most significant factor in pool water loss. Sunlight doesn’t pass into the water as much, so it’s harder for it to evaporate.
  4. Pool water cleanliness also improves with a pool cover simply because leaves and debris now fall onto the cover, which preventsdirt from building up on the walls and floor, as well as the usual obstructions. If the water flow gets blocked, the pool filters have to operate at full capacity. Furthermore, when this happens, costs double because it affects the time and electricity usage; you’ll have to vacuum or remove it with a robot. Additionally, you’ll avoid skimmer wear and tear. As a result, the water is cleaner, and chlorine use decreases. In general, water quality improves while reducing the wear and tear of materials and expenses.

The pool cover is ultimately a system to save time and money, basically resulting in a self-sufficient, self-maintained swimming pool. Just look for the best cover for a specific model, a selection that considers the pool’s intended use over the next few months. It avoids many problems to keep from looking after the pool so closely. It also guarantees optimal care of the pool’s water and all of its surrounding technology and instruments. With this option, owners can be away from home for months without worrying about the pool’s condition. The pool will always be in good condition and ready for use at any time.


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