Pool filters comparison: which one is the best for your pool?

If you have a pool or heated pool at home or you’re thinking about installing one next year, you’ll already know that there are lots of things you need to make sure everything works perfectly and there are no problems. In this post, we’re going to talk about pool filters, because finding the best pool filter to suit different sizes and types of pool is not easy. We’ll tell you more about filters so you can get to know all the different types and choose the one that’s best for your pool.

Comparing pool filters

Making sure you have the best pool filter is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pool ready to use and in perfect condition all year round. Filters come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they filter the water to give the best results. 

The filter system in a pool allows the water to circulate as much as possible around the pool so it doesn’t become stagnant, which can lead to infections or impurities that damage the pool. The best pool filter helps purify and clean the water.

Types of pool filter

  1. Sand pool filter: The most common and widely used pool filter. It is very easy to install and very inexpensive and easy to maintain. This type of purification system is equipped with a sand filter. It is perfect for any pool and is very easy to use. Its filter system performs many tasks besides filtration: cleaning, rinsing, drainage, and sealing. It might be the best pool filter you can find. 
    • This filter is perfect for any type of pool, but especially your first pool.
  2. Cartridge pool filter: This type of pool filter is also one of the most in demand. It’s a high-quality, affordable filter that works perfectly in any pool. It’s the best pool filter for small pools and is very easy to use. It works by drawing in water and then releasing it back into the pool through the filter cartridge. When the filter is full of dirt, you can replace it with a clean, new one. 
    • This filter is perfect for small pools.
  3. Gre Aqualoon purification system: This is the newest type of pool filter. It’s environmentally friendly thanks to its green design. Its fine filter system can remove residues that other pool filters don’t pick up.
    • This purification system is perfect for people who want to take their pool equipment to the next level and are looking for a more innovative system.

You can find more information about filter types and accessories on our website. 

Because choosing the best pool filter is easier than ever thanks to the wide range of available filters. Choose yours and enjoy your pool to the maximum, in summer or winter. 

Do you want to know more about pool filter systems? In this article, we tell you in detail what pool filters are for: from your filter system to how to clean it.



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