The new hybrid swimming Pools

Elevated wooden swimming pools, composite swimming pools, pools to dream about and now, hybrid swimming pools?


It seems that Gre’s laboratories and workshops have not stopped working the winter to bring so many new features for this 2018.


But what is it that makes a pool hybrid? What differentiates these pools from those we can find in Gre’s catalogue?


Fusion Pools: The Gre hybrid swimming pools

Gre’s new Fusion Pools are cold-rolled steel wall swimming pools that have been treated and profiled to offer the greatest strength possible.


To obtain an equal resistance the joint components and trims have been manufactured in PP or Polypropylene plastic.


A combo that makes them the more resistant swimming pools to chemical solvents and alkaline or acidic elements, thus becoming one of the pools that best get along with a salt electrolysis system.


The liner of these Fusion Pools, same as any other Gre liner, has an anti-uv treatment that makes it sturdier and prevents aging.



Piscina hibrida ovalada de gre
Available in three different sizes

Easy to install swimming pools

But Gre’s FUSION POOLS materials were not created solely with durability in mind.


Despite being lighter than the rest, these Gre hybrid pools are the ones that need less screws, because they have been designed to be the easiest to assemble.


The Fusion Pools have a standard height of 135 cm and you can find them in round or oval format, the latter with three different versions to choose from.



Piscina hibrida redonda gre
KITPR460H 460×135 cm


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