Why choose an automatic pool cleaner?

The level of cleanliness and how well you take care of a pool is key when it comes to fully enjoying all of the benefits it offers. In this sense, the bottom of the pool is the part that requires the most work. Making this process fast, efficient and comfortable is the challenge that many users focus on and the best option is to opt for automatic pool cleaners; an incredibly convenient system that automates this task, in addition to offering optimal results.


What types of automatic pool cleaners are available?


Keeping your pool in optimal conditions is not only a matter of well-being, but also of personal satisfaction and health. This task was very complex just a few years ago and required you to invest a lot of time. Now the time requirements are much less and user comfort is much greater thanks to the great technical advances that have occurred in the sector in recent years.


Automatic pool cleaners can be divided into several types, depending on the characteristics or the performance that each one offers and, above all, the energy source used.

Other factors are also important when choosing the most suitable pool cleaner for a swimming pool, such as the size and materials of the infrastructure or even the type of ladder. They stand out for their ease of use and the advantages they offer in terms of the convenience they provide the user, who doesn’t have to worry about spending lots of energy to scrape the sides of the pool, since this job is reserved for the cleaner.


On the one hand, there are the hydraulic vacuum cleaners. These are low-noise cleaners that are durable over time, they connect easily to the discharge valve and move around by themselves to clean the entire pool, both the bottom and the walls. This cleaning process is linked to the filtration system. Ease of use is their main advantage, since they don’t need to be programmed.


Another option for carrying out this process is the automatic pool cleaner that works off water pressure, which is connected to the discharge connector. It is more complex than the previous one, since it needs an extra pump. In its favour is the use of bags that store all of the dirt, thus avoiding an excessive amount of rubbish in the pre-filter. The user’;s job is to clean out the bag after each cleaning.


The electric cleaners such as robots are the most common thanks to the simplicity of their operation and their “worry free” motto, which in many cases is what we are looking for when we resort to this type of tool. They are completely autonomous and independent of both the filtration system and of human hands. They are connected to the electricity grid and give the owner complete peace of mind, since all they have to worry about is programming them.


Battery-run electric cleaners go where the electric robot can’;t. Thanks to the Plug&Play system, they operate with a battery without the need to be plugged in during use. They only need to be charged after use. They are the ideal product for completing your range of cleaning items and ensuring a thorough cleaning of the pool.


In the three cases of automatic pool cleaners, the results are very efficient, both in terms of the convenience that the user is after and the cleaning result that’s obtained.


This range of pool cleaners will be incredibly useful so that both children and adults can enjoy crystal-clear water.


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