Why your pool loses water and how to avoid it

Losing water in the pool can mean the end of the annual swimming season or not, it all depends on where the leak is. In this article, we help answer the following questions that may arise: why is my pool leaking and where is it leaking?


How do I know if my pool is leaking?


It can be very easy to realise that your pool is leaking because, if you follow the maintenance recommendations throughout the year, one of the most common causes is to see water leaking from the sheet metal, wood or composite.


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Where can the pool be losing water?


The pool can lose water for different reasons, some can be due to misuse of the pool, for example, climbing on the pool deck, which can cause the steel or other material to crack; or simply due to the slightest thing, such as an object falling into the pool.


How to locate the water leak in the piping circuit


The filtration circuit is made up of hoses or flexible pipes. Leaks in this location are the most common, but they can occur for different reasons. It is very easy to spot that water is leaking because if it is wet around the system, you have to think quickly about leakage.


But where does the leak come from? Water can come out because a hose has loosened due to a bad installation or because of the water prison; a crack, a hole or deterioration.


Main causes of water leaks in swimming pools

  • Pool bulb

Spotlights are often fitted to above ground pools in order to provide illumination at night and to enjoy swimming under the stars. If this is the situation, it is advisable to periodically check the state of the spotlights, because with a kick under the water or due to a bad assembly, water can leak.


  • Skimmer and discharge valve


If there is a leak from the skimmer, the first thing to check is that the water level is above the mouth, because if it has stagnated in that area it can cause water loss in this way. There is also the possibility that the skimmer has been installed incorrectly and is leaking water between the structure and the liner, thus causing rust or deterioration of the material.


In the case of filling the pool with water or removing it, it is necessary to be very careful because in this process it is necessary to disconnect the purifier and if the holes are not plugged with the corresponding plugs, the water can escape from both the skimmer and the return valve.


  • Liner


Liner breakage is also one of the most common causes of water loss from the pool. There are various thicknesses of liner but the reasons for breakage are always the same, for example a dog accidentally falling into the pool and scratching the liner; children playing in the water, etc.


parche reparador liner


How do I repair water leaks in my pool?


In order to be able to solve the leak, once it has been located, it is necessary to see how to repair it. If the water is leaking through the filtration system, you will have to look at the filtering system, if it is sand, you will have to check it and the hoses, and then replace it with new sand or a new hose.


If, on the other hand, the leak comes from the skimmer and valve area, the water level should be checked and, if it continues, the idea of changing one or both areas should be considered.


And finally, in the case of a water leak in the liner in Gre we have a liner repair patch, which is an adhesive that is applied and in this way avoids water filtration through the hole.


Remember to check the pool at least once a month to make sure it is in perfect condition for use, and if you find any leaks or significant deterioration, the best thing to do is to change it.


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