Your pool in perfect condition with the GRE chemical

The treatment of the water in your pool is essential to be able to enjoy a clean and healthy bath. There are different chemical products and each of them has a specific function for your pool.

Pool disinfection

Next, we bring you the main products to disinfect your pool. All of them have different formats such as pills or liquid to adjust to the needs of each one.


These products should not be used while bathing; it is advisable to do it at the last minute when no one is going to get into the water.


Before carrying out any treatment, you should know that the pH of the pool must be adjusted; that is, between 7.2 and 7.6. For this we must measure it and in case of being unbalanced we will adjust it before starting the chlorine treatment.


When we bathe in a pool, we always attribute a peculiar smell or eye irritation to chlorine. And it is that chlorine is the most used product without a doubt in the treatment of swimming pools.


This product is very easy to use and is one of the cheapest on the market. It disinfects the water and keeps it clean by preventing it from turning cloudy. For this, it is important to maintain a constant treatment of the water.


You probably don’t know that there are two different types of chlorines that perform different functions. On the one hand we have shock chlorine, which is used as the most powerful treatment when opening our pool.


On the other hand, we have the slow chlorine that is the one that periodically ensures that the water remains disinfected.


Bromine is a lesser known alternative to chlorine. It is somewhat more expensive and works better in warm waters, which is why it is perfect for spas, indoor or heated pools.


In addition, bromine, unlike chlorine, does not create irritations or leave strong odors, which is why it is also recommended in children’s pools.

Active oxygen

Active oxygen is an alternative to the previous products that avoids irritations and odors since it does not use toxic substances. It is a natural product that is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Other products


When your pool starts to turn cloudy and turn green, there is likely algae in the water. Anti-algae treatment helps prevent the appearance of these organisms that can fall into the water carried by the wind.


It is advisable to carry out a periodic treatment whenever you notice a lack of crystallinity in the water.


Flocculant is a perfect product to prevent certain particles that cannot be filtered in the pool from being scattered. This product groups them together and deposits them on the bottom so that the cleaner can more easily locate accumulated dirt.


The multi-action chemical offers a complete treatment for your pool: disinfection, anti-algae, flocculant, stabilizer and anti-calcareous.


These treatments are the most complete and offer crystal clear water in your pool when performed periodically.



You already know all the products that you can use to have a pool in perfect condition. If you need advice, do not hesitate to write us and we will help you.


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