How does the filtration of a swimming pool work?

The pool filtration system works by purifying the water to keep it clean. But do you know how the filtration process is?

The self-priming pump

It is important to know that there are different types of filters (sand purifiers, cartridge filters…) but the process is usually very similar between them.


The filter is a set of components that includes a self-priming pump that will be in charge of pumping the water, in order to move it. This pump is linked through hoses to the filter and also to the pool.


GRE pumps have different power, depending on the volume of the pool. Inside they have 3 pumps that are responsible for centrifuging the water quickly and in one go.

The skimmer

The filtration system starts to work when the pump carries the pool water past the skimmer. The skimmer avoids the dirt that is trapped on the surface of the pool falling to the bottom.


The skimmer is composed, among other elements, of a gate that opens and closes to be able to dose what enters, and of a basket, which is the last cleaning process inside the skimmer. There, all the accumulated dirt remains in the basket. So the basket needs to be emptied regularly for optimal filtration.

The filter

Once the water has left the skimmer driven by the pump, and the larger particles such as leaves have been retained, the water continues through the hose until it reaches the filter.


The filter has the most important task, cleaning the water that arrives driven by the pump and returning it clean to the pool. If our filter is a sand treatment plant, the flint sand will be removed with the water that arrives to eliminate the dirt particles.


If, on the other hand, the filter is a cartridge filter, the process is the same, but it will be the cartridge filter itself that retains the dirt. It is very important to know how the filters work and which one best suits our pool.

Crystal clear water

Once the water has been purified into the filter, the pump drives that water back to the pool, returning it clean and free of impurities.


In this way we can enjoy a healthy bath without our skin suffering from dirt, because after all, clean water is a healthy water.


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  1. Como hacer una recirculacion del agua, si mi depuradora es de 5 posiciones y no tiene la de recirculación.

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