We’re launching a new Web site! Now more Gre pools than ever

At Gre, we decided, let’s update ourselves! And for that, we have designed a new website. That way, you can know more about us.


Now, you have more information about our steel, wood, composite pools …, about the chemical products for the water treatment and about the accessories for swimming pools we manufacture, such as pool cleaners, heat pumps, filters of sand, and so on.


Gre belongs to the Fluidra group, present in more than 45 countries, leader in swimming pool and wellness equipment worldwide. Within the Fluidra group, Gre, and other leading brands in swimming pool equipment and accessories, have also updated their digital presence, achieving a homogeneity worthy of a large business group, with a more modern, close and usable image for the client and the professionals who trust and distribute our brands.


Manufacturas Gre is dedicated more specifically to the residential or residential demountable pool products, betting on high quality and safety in all our products and offering coverage in a large part of Europe, Africa and Latin America.


New website Gre Pool


The new site of Gre is a great project, in which we have invested a lot of time thinking about you, both final customer and distributor.


We have designed a new interface with much more information about all series of swimming pools and other water accessories, which is much easier to access.


The new web address of Gre is: https://www.grepool.com/


In the new website of Gre, you will find it much easier to know the characteristics of our products, to see much more clearly the series of pools made out of steel, composite or wood, to learn more about sand purifiers or cleaners and so on. It’s also easier to contact a distributor, an installer or a store, both physical and online, where you can buy Gre products.


And if you are a professional, we also have a new section for you that is much simpler and clearer, so that you can place your orders to Gre easily and comfortably.


New features of the Gre website


In addition to the new looks of our website, we want to highlight the new options we have incorporated:


  • New products: there is no better way to premiere than presenting the new items of Gre.


Among some new features, we highlight:

· The Aquabike AQB 2 pool bike, to get fit in your removable pool without leaving home,

· The new square wooden pool City, its small size is perfect for smaller spaces.

· The removable square composite pool of the Avantgarde series, up to now in oval or round pool format.

· Ladders for a swimming pool with a platform and according to current safety regulations with 3 or 6 steps to adapt to pools of 120 cm and 132 cm in height.

· The new white led spotlight for the lighting of the wooden and composite pools

· The mini heat pump with low energy consumption.

· The wooden and composite 3-story shed, ideal for any type of pool; oval, round or right angles, so that purifier, cleaning material, cleaner, hose, … are more protected.


In our blog, you can find detailed articles about all the new items in Gre swimming pools and accessories for 2019.


  • Prices of the articles: you are able to know the prices of our swimming pools and other products for swimming pools in the country-specific edition of our website, based on where you live.


  • Location of physical stores: you can know where the physical stores closest to your address are, by indicating your zip code or city in the store search engine.


  • Authorized Installers: with the new physical store locator you can find out which distributor near your home has Technical Assistance Service and pool installation.


  • After Sales Service: Register your pool or other Gre product, and get an easier way to benefit from the after sales service provided by Gre.


  • New presentation: you will find in a more visible and practical way each series of our swimming pools and accessories for swimming pools. The new search filter allows you to find everything much more easily.


  • Blog: Within each product file of our new website you have video tutorials and/or related articles that will help you to know more about the operation and start-up of this product. The blog also gives you tips on how to make the best use of the summer season around your pool.


  • Languages: Gre’s new website can be found in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German and, thanks to the new geo-localizer, you will access it in your native or predetermined language.


  • Social Networks: follow us easily in any of our social networks presence, where you will get advice, information and news about Gre and its products. In our YouTube channel, you can access more than 100 videos.


  • Guides on chemical products: you can have access to different guides on chemical products and the ideal use of them to have your removable pool and its water in perfect conditions.


  • Better communication and contact: with the new chat box service you can have real-time contact with our agents, so that we can resolve any issues you have about Gre swimming pools and other water products.


You already know that Gre is always on the front line because of our quality products, now we’re also up front with our presentation.


Visit our website and leave us your comments and ratings. Thanks to them, we keep improving and evolving.


Thank you for making this possible.


Gre, Your Water Partner.


  1. Bonjour, je viens d’acheter une piscine en bois composite et un local technique trcp124 et il ne sera livré que fin septembre 2019 alors qu’il devait être livré en même temps que la piscine. Après il devait être livré le 11 juillet et à présent fin septembre ! Et j’ai payé il y a 2 mois environ à leroy merlin Bordeaux lac. C’est En approvisionnement ! Je ne suis pas contente du tout mais alors vraiment pas contente. Clotilde Rigallaud. Tel 06 25 16 03 02

  2. Bonjour, merci d’avoir pris contact avec la société GRE. Premièrement nous souhaitons nous excuser du retard concernant cette livraison, nous avons eu un problème d’approvisionnement. Je vous invite à prendre contact avec nous par email (gre@grefrance.fr), nous ferons le maximum pour trouver une solution afin que vous puissiez profiter au maximum de vos achats. Bien cordialement, l’Equipe GRE.

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