Automatic Pool Cleaner doesn’t work. Possible Causes and Solutions

Having a pool at the house is a great luxury, but it requires maintenance and continuous care to be able to enjoy the water in perfect conditions and of the pool for years. To make the task easier we can get products that do the dirty work for us, the pool cleaners are a solution to simplify the cleaning of the pool.


Pool cleaners are an essential tool to clean the bottom, walls, and even the waterline of the pool. They are responsible for sucking the dirt that is in the pool water.


There are many types of pool cleaners in the market: manual ones, with hydraulic or electric suction. 


In this article, we will talk about the problems that automatic pool cleaners can have. Those swimming pool cleaners are the ones that collect waste from the pool by themselves, without our help, automatically.  They are divided into hydraulic pool cleaners and electric pool robots.


Hydraulic Suction Pool Cleaners


The hydraulic pool cleaners work with the pump of the pool filtration system through a hose to maintain the water clean and transparent, using the suction energy of the pump to work. With the power of the filtration system, they move around the pool to pick up the dirt at the bottom of the pool as well as on its walls.


The hydraulic pool cleaners connect directly to the aspiration connector of the pump or to the skimmer through a hose to vacuum the dirt that is in the purification system, it does not require an electric connection.


Electric Suction Pool Cleaners


The electric pool cleaners or pool electric robots are products of the latest technology that guarantee a precise cleaning. The electric robot is an innovative product independent of the filtration system and, because of that, it requires an electric connection but not to the pump system of the pool (no hose to connect). This type of pool cleaners can adapt to any type of pools.


The electric robot moves around in an intelligent way all around the tank of the pool, to clean up the bottom and the walls automatically, in an autonomous and efficient manner, being one of the best tools to help you to clean your pool.


The maintenance of the pool is essential to enjoy the water on the sunny days.  With an automatic pool cleaner you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the pool, but occasionally problems happen. We will look at the possible things that can make a pool cleaner stop working and how to fix them to always enjoy a clean pool.


Problems and Solutions for Pool Cleaners


The automatic pool cleaner doesn’t move, it stops and restarts


  • Verify that the filter of the water purification system is clean. When the filter is full it loses its absorption capacity, hence the loss of power.
  • Verify that the pump is powered on.
  • Verify that the main drain is connected.
  • Verify that the suction plate is properly installed.
  • Verify the correct installation of the filtration system; the purifier cannot be too far away from the pool; otherwise the pump will constantly force and the power will be reduced.
  • Check every tube or hose to make sure there’s no air inside.


The automatic pool cleaner doesn’t climb the walls of the pool


  • Make sure it is not a pool cleaner that’s designed just to clean the bottom of the pool.
  • It is possible that the filter is heavily loaded and the weight prevents the pool cleaner from climbing the pool wall, you should empty the pool cleaner filter.
  • It is necessary that the pH water of the pool is well balanced, having a neutral pH. An imbalanced pH causes the walls of the pool to be slippery. The presence of algae in the pool also makes the wall slippery.


The hydraulic pool cleaner doesn’t clean all the pool’s area


  • Perform a deep cleaning of the filter bag.
  • Check that the floating cable is the correct length and that it is not entangled. It is possible that the power supply is too far from the pool or that there are obstacles that prevent its proper functioning.
  • Analyse the pH of the pool water, an unadjusted pH can cause anomalies.


The pool cleaner does not sink, it floats on the water


  • It’s possible the pool cleaner has air inside it, if so, you would have to purge it, if you have this option, otherwise just put it upside down under the water to let the air out.


Incidents and solutions in electric swimming pool cleaners


The pool cleaner does not turn on


  • Verify that the electricity outlet is working properly or change the plug.
  • Check that the pool cleaner’s motor system works, that it is not very dirty and that the brush is not bent or broken.


The pool cleaner moves slowly or doesn’t aspire dirt


  • Verify that the filter of the pool cleaner is clean and that every hose and hole is clear and not clogged.


The pool cleaner does not pump water


  • Verify that the cable is connected to the power supply and that it is not damaged.
  • Make sure that the filter bag is clean and that the propeller is not blocked nor broken.


The cleaner pumps water, but has stopped


  • Verify that there are no obstructions in the motor system of the pool cleaner (like hair).
  • Once again, check the connections with the motor.


The pool cleaner loses dirt when removed from the pool


  • Verify that the filter container is well in place, and that it’s not broken.
  • Make sure the bottom lid is closed tightly.


In summary, both for the hydraulic cleaner and for the electric cleaner, it is important to verify that every hose and cable is in perfect condition, without obstructions and with the appropriate length. On the other hand, it is also important to check the filter container or filter bag and that the device does not have particles that block the passage of water like hair or leaves.


At Gre, we recommend disconnecting the cleaner to make these revisions, and read the instruction manual, in which you can see other possible problems and their solutions. If you cannot find a solution contact Gre’s Authorised Technical Service.


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