What is the best cleaner for my pool?

At Gre, we have a large selection of products among which we have more than 14 pool cleaners in our catalogue, without counting the robots that could be in the electric cleaners category! Each cleaner is designed to adapt to the needs of each specific pool, depending on the size, the liner, the depth and the power of the water pump installed in the pool.


First of all, we want to inform you about the agreement signed by Gre and Zodiac (both part of the Fluidra group) last year and thanks to which Gre has been able to increase its pool cleaner catalogue, including all Zodiac pool cleaners.


Zodiac® is a company specialised in swimming pool equipment, with a large catalogue of pool cleaners where electric pool cleaners, also known as pool robots, hydraulic pool cleaners and Polaris pressure cleaners stand out.


The pool cleaner is an essential product for the cleaning and maintenance of the water and the pool, vacuuming the dirt that has deposited in the water, as well as on the glass and walls of the pool, by suction.  It’s required for both in-ground and above-ground pools.


Manual Pool Cleaners

Gre’s selection of manual aspiration cleaners is the basic and economical line of products in terms of pool cleaning.


Those manual cleaners are connected directly to the aspiration valve or the skimmer of the pool picking up the dirt from all parts of the pool by manual movement with the help of a telescopic handle or pole. The cleaning of the bottom of the pool is quite easy with a manual cleaner, the sides, however, are a bit more complicated.


On the first use of the pool, the dirty water must get out of the pool, and the pH and chlorine must be re-equilibrated after the cleaning is done.


The manual pool cleaners are the most recommended for small removable pools, from 350 cm to 410 cm, even though they can be used in larger pools too.


Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners can be divided into several types, depending on where they source their energy for cleaning and vacuuming the water in the pools. In all cases, cleaning will be done automatically by means of a displacement system of the cleaner. That is, the robot will move autonomously through the bottom and walls of the pool (depending on the model).


Hydraulic Electric Cleaners

The hydraulic aspirating pool cleaners  from Zodiac and Gre are the economical alternative to the electric cleaners.


Their principal advantage is that they work with the filtration system of the pool itself, connecting itself at the aspiration intake of the pool filtration system to vacuum dirt by suction, which is trapped by the filtration system, not inside the cleaner.


Their efficiency and performance will depend on the power of the filtration pump installed in the pool, because it needs a minimum of ¾ hp of power to have enough pressure to work. The hydraulic pool cleaner doesn’t have a filtration system of its own, so it’s recommended to clean out the filter of the pump after each use. By using the pressure energy of the pump, the cleaner doesn’t consume additional energy.


The hydraulic pool cleaners are automatic and move around autonomously.  They are created for flat pools, or those with a low slope.


The hydraulic cleaners from Zodiac are the best pool cleaners for small and medium pools, up to 12 m × 6 m. Almost all hydraulic pool cleaners clean the walls as well as the bottom of the pool.


There are mainly two models of hydraulic Gre-Zodiac cleaners: the mechanic ones and those with discs.


The fundamental difference between those pool cleaners is the moving system. The mechanical hydraulic pool cleaner moves around based on a pre-programmed system while the ones with discs move using a random pattern.


Electric Pool Cleaners

Another type of automatic cleaners are the electric pool cleaners are a good option to maintain the pool in optimal conditions. The electric cleaners have their own filtration system, so their performance is independent of the power of the pump of the pool.


The Zodiac electric pool cleaners return to the pool the water they vacuum, because of that we need to adjust the levels of chlorine and pH of the water of the pool. They are very silent and can be used in every type of pool. They move on wheels or caterpillars that allow them to move over the walls of the pool as well as on its bottom.


The dirt is retained in the cleaner’s filter, which we must clean and empty on a regular basis.


The movement or intelligent navigation of the electric cleaners allows them to covert completely the area of the pool for an optimal cleaning. Furthermore, the Zodiac pool robot reaches all areas of the pool, climbs up the walls of the pool and even cleans up the water line of the pools.


Thanks to its rotative brushes, the electric robot or cleaner from Zodiac catches all the residues deposited in the pool: the large ones (like leaves) and the smallest ones (like sand). The pool robot cleaners have their own filters, which eases up their cleaning. The dirt that it collects from the pool is accumulated in a filter bag or a container inside the robot, so it’s required to clean the filter once the cleaning of the pool is finished.


Within the electric cleaners, we can mention the electric cleaners with a battery and electric robots or cleaners for the pool.


Pool Cleaners with Battery

The battery-powered electric cleaners with are a new product that allows cleaning the bottom, the bottom, the stairs, sides and other submerged areas autonomously without cables, thanks to the Plug&Play system.


This battery-powered electric cleaner is autonomous and rechargeable, has a battery and you only need to charge it when it’s done. The battery has a half-life of more than 90 minutes. The battery-powered electric cleaners are lighter and more manageable pool cleaners. They are very useful for above-ground pools or pools that don’t have a filtration system like the removable or inflatable pool.


Electric pool cleaner robots are one of Zodiac’s specialities. It is the latest technology applied to pool cleaning, which especially includes the bottom and walls of the pools. It allows to clean the pool in an automatic, more comfortable, more independent and highly efficient way.


After so much cleaning whether we do it or the pool cleaner, the best reward is a good dip in the clean, clear water of the pool.


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